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Who is Marie Buchan ( Mum of 8 will fly to Spain alone because she ‘needs a break’ ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family and More Facts

Marie Buchan

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A mother Marie Buchan  of eight will fly to Spain alone after Christmas because she “needs a break”.

Marie Buchan Age

Marie Buchan, 39, is planning to spend the holiday season with her children, but will then fly to Alicante for vacation without them.

Marie, who brings in around £ 26,000 annually in donations, said she needed a break with her children after looking after them “most of the year” because schools were closed because of the pandemic.

“Octomum” Marie of Selly Oak, Birmingham, told “There was no deactivation and I know I will get a lot of negative feedback but I will take it.”

“We all need a break, there will be free time with restaurants and friends.”

Marie says she “wants to go back to work” but says it was impossible for her to do this with the children at home.

The single mother said her children, ages six to 16, couldn’t take online classes because they didn’t have a laptop and couldn’t afford it.

The former lap dancer is said to be earning £ 500 a week to run her home – around £ 26,000 a year.


Last year she saved up for a breast job by selling car boots and working part time in Birmingham to cover the breasts instead of taking advantage of the benefits.

She flew to Istanbul, where she spent 2,500 pounds on breast enlargement – and confidence.

She also sparked controversy because she told Closer magazine that having so many children gave her a greater right to donations.

Marie told the magazine, “It’s easy to lay claim to the state.

“People can criticize me, but I have the right to have as many children as I want.”

Two years ago Marie insisted that she couldn’t find a job because “big dirty perverts” kept beating her.

She stated that she was constantly faced with shady offers while trying to find work as a mechanic.