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What you don’t Know about Rapper Mario Judah? Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Career, Viral Video and More Facts

Mario Judah

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Fans shocked after a video goes viral show someone who looks like Mario Judah is having s*x, account that uploaded the video banned

Atlanta rapper Mario Judah was at the center of a rather unfortunate controversy on May 21. A video ran online showing someone who looked very much like Judah having s*x with another man. Both faces of the individual could not be seen, but the distinct red hair of one of them led many social media users to believe that it was indeed Judah.

The video in question appears to be from Reddit, where it was uploaded about a month ago. It then got to Twitter thanks to a user using the handle @juniiorXYT__. The person’s account was suspended about a day ago. All other videos of the two people have also been removed and are no longer visible on social media.

Even so, the existence of the video got a lot of users talking. A key question – is Judah gay? The rapper’s s*xuality has become a major point of contention since the video leaked, and the answer seems elusive to say the least.

Mario Judah gay

Judah, whose original name is Mario Diamond-Judah Douglas, has not been exactly public about his personal life. Although he has given a few interviews since going viral on his breakout hit “Die Very Rough,” he hasn’t really spoken about his personal life exactly. But if we know one thing, it’s that he’s not gay. Back in January, he published a staged attack on his ex-girlfriend to draw attention to fraud.

Alarming, this controversial video proves that Judah is not gay. It is unclear whether Judah has been with anyone else since that split. Maybe he’s bis*xual, but he hasn’t really implied that it is him. His social media accounts or interviews do not indicate that he is gay or bis*xual. Either he’s not, or he’s keeping it under lock and key.

As for the video itself, it’s hard to tell if Judah is one of the characters in it. It shows a lot, but not the faces of the two people involved. We could only see that one of them had bright red hair, very much like Judah. The singer didn’t comment on the tape either, so much is left to the imagination.

“Why is the s*x tape real?” Asks Twitter in shock

Twitter quickly trended Judah’s name as many users shared memes and GIFs in response to his alleged s*x tape. “Why is the Mario Judah s*x tape real,” asked one user. Another said: “Stop tweeting about Mario Judah !!!” but without success.

“I just saw why Mario Judah is trending, I’m logging out of Twitter for the day,” one person said. Another said, “I wish I couldn’t see the leaked video of Mario Judah.”

Another joked: “When Mario Judah said he was very rough, I didn’t expect him to talk about gay s*x.” Another said: “Wait, Mario Judah is gay ???”

Despite being tagged by several people, Judah has yet to respond to allegations that it is him in the video. Meanwhile, Twitter seems to have quickly removed any tweets that contained it. Was this done at Jude’s request? We’ll just know if and when the singer decides to bring up the controversy.