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Who is Mario Marín ( Mexico ex-governor arrests in case of tortured journalist ) Wiki, Bio, Crime details, Investigation and More Facts

Mario Marín

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Mexican authorities have arrested a former governor on suspicion that a journalist is investigating his role in a pedophile ring that has been illegally arrested and tortured, an official said Thursday.

Interior Minister Olga Sanchez Cordero confirmed the arrest of Mario Marín, the former governor of Puebla, in Acapulco the day before. Marín was due to appear before a judge in Cancun on Thursday.

Marín of the Institutional Revolutionary Party ruled Puebla from 2005 to 2011. He was a close friend of the textile magnate José Kamel Nacif, who was also considered a refugee.

Journalist Lydia Cacho

Journalist Lydia Cacho covered Marin’s role as the political protector of the pedophile ring and published a book in early 2005. In December 2005, Marín sent the police to arrest Cacho in Cancun and take him to Puebla. She was tortured during that 20-hour trip.

Despite Cacho’s allegations, Marín moved freely in public for years. Finally, a judge in the state of Quintana Roo issued an arrest warrant for him in 2019.

Leopoldo Maldonado, lawyer for the Article 19 freedom of the press and representative of Cacho, told Milenio TV on Thursday that Marín is currently being held in the same Cancun prison where he is serving businessman Jean Succar Kuri, already convicted of his role on the network . its functions. Formulation.

“The accomplices have come together, but now under very different conditions,” wrote Cacho on Thursday on Twitter. “There are no more fantastic parties, there are no more girls who have been victimized by pedophiles. There are no toasts or celebrations. Journalism is the way to justice ”.

Cacho has been in danger for years and currently lives out of the country fearing for his safety. He took his case to international organizations when the Mexican courts failed to act.

In 2018, the United Nations Human Rights Committee recognized Cacho’s violation of human rights. In January 2019, the current Mexican government publicly apologized to Cacho for his arbitrary arrest. At the time, Cacho said, “We want all intellectual writers to be brought to justice.”

“Lydia is very excited but knows that the risk is increasing,” said Maldonado on Thursday.