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Mark Brandford

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A jealous lover Mark Brandford was sentenced to 23 years in prison today for murdering his fiancée Kayleigh Dunning after sending her family s*x videos and intimate photos of her to “create the illusion” that she was a mad stalker and then to death hit.

Mark Brandford crushed Kayleigh Dunning’s skull in a “vicious” attack

Mark Brandford crushed Kayleigh Dunning’s skull in a “vicious” attack the same night he proposed to her after devising a “cold and calculated” plan.

Today a judge called him “malicious and misleading” by sentencing him to life imprisonment of at least 23 years.

The year before the “brutal” murder of Miss Dunning, 32, 49, he made it appear like she had a mysterious enemy by claiming someone else stole her phone and used it to share explicit videos of the couple having s*x .

Brandford, a street sweeper, sent the footage to the housekeeper’s family and bosses, sending them anonymous threats including “I’m going to fuck you”.

On the night of December 17, 2019, Brandford subjected Miss Dunning to a “violent” and “sustained” attack at her home in Portsmouth, Hampshire.

But the next morning, just after 5 a.m., Brandford left the house to “create a facade for someone who does their normal day”, talk about engagement with everyone he met, and on their way to work Watching his beloved Aston Villa on television the Paris shops.

When he finally got home and called 999 at 9:40 PM, he “put on” a show pretending to “go through the moves like that grieving bride,” even when seen by paramedics putting their fingers in her throat, to be gagged.

Brandford was found guilty of murder and disclosure of private s*x photos of her following a trial in Portsmouth, Hampshire’s Crown Court.

Brandford was sentenced to life in prison today, with a minimum of 23 years less time from previous imprisonment.

Judge Timothy Mousley said: “You murdered Kayleigh in a sustained and very violent attack while she was lying in the bed you shared with her.

“Your meanness to her became apparent long before you killed her.”

“ In October 2018, she lost her cell phone, thinking she left it in the back of a taxi. Within a few days, you had been using the phone to send s*xual pictures of her.

“It was an indication of your deep feelings of jealousy and how you reacted to them.

“ In November 2018, you created a fake Facebook account and uploaded intimate and s*xual photos of Kayleigh.

“ It took you over 12 months to kill her, but this action shows all the qualities of your will to control her, to force her.

“You wanted Kayleigh as possession.

“Your outwardly enjoyable behavior that people talk about hides a tendency on your part during prolonged periods of extreme jealousy.

“You never wanted to control her. She was far too independent of mind to be someone who loved life.

It was a brutal attack on her … With great courage she tried to defend herself … but her attack was so violent that she passed out, immobilized and helpless. She didn’t stand a chance and it was clear that you intended to kill her.

“It was deliberate and planned. The crowbar theft occurred two months before the murder.

“You are deceiving, you have tried to involve others and ascribe racist comments to them … you are manipulative.

“You showed no emotion, much less remorse.