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Why Mark Royden attempting to steal the “priceless and irreplaceable document”? Mark Royden Wiki, Bio, Age, Trial, Charges, Denied from charges and 03 Interesting Facts

Mark Royden

Mark Royden Biography – Wiki

Mark Royden, Kent’s Roy Royden appeared before the Salisbury Crown Court this morning after rejecting the criminal damage charge and attempting to steal the “priceless and irreplaceable document” in October 2018.

Mark Royden- Age

He is 47 years old.

Mark Royden- Trial

The trial is expected to take between four and five days.

Mark Royden- Entered the cathedral with a hammer

When the case opened last June, prosecutor Ryan Seneviratne said Royden had entered the cathedral with a hammer before triggering a fire alarm to distract him.

Mark Royden- Causing £ 14,466 Damage

Seneviratne added that Royden then searched for the document, causing £ 14,466 damage to the “special case” in which the 800-year-old document was kept.

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Mark Royden- Denied All Charges

Royden, who represented himself, denied all charges against him.

Mark Royden- Copy of the Magna Carta

As mentioned earlier, the copy of the Magna Carta from Salisbury Cathedral is one of four copies preserved from the original document from 1215.

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Mark Royden- King John published the Magna Carta after reaching peace agreements

King John published the Magna Carta after reaching peace agreements with a group of rebel barons, and it is now one of the most famous legal documents in the world.

He found for the first time that neither the monarch nor the government were above the law and established principles of freedom that have been repeated over the centuries.

Mark Royden- 03 Interesting Facts

  • He is 47 years old.
  • His trail is expected in four to five days.
  • He denied from all charges.

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