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Who was Marta Elena Vento ( Receptionist stabbed to death on night shift ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Marta Elena Vento

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A young receptionist who had been stabbed to death while working overnight in a Travelodge had only been in a beachfront hotel for three months

Marta Elena Vento, 27, was discovered Wednesday in a pool of blood at a budget hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset.

She is said to have moved to the coastal city in February and initially worked in a recruiting center.

Marta from Spain joined Travelodge in September as a night receptionist.

It is believed that she was working at night when she was attacked.

Suspect Arrested

A 32-year-old man arrested for murder was arrested under the Mental Health Act.

Incident Details

Host Paul Ford left his hotel room to smoke a cigarette just after 7:30 and found bloodstains on the wall and a Travelodge employee who desperately called 999.

He told The Sun that there was so much blood it looked like the receptionist had been stabbed more than once.

Paul said: “I went to smoke a cigarette right after 7:30 and there were blood splatters on the walls.

“It was in the corner near the reception and the bar.

“Her shoes were off and they were tight and there was a colleague leaning over her on her phone. She was totally shocked.

She “she Had some materials to stop the bleeding that she pressed on his stomach and she screamed her name her.

“She asked him if she was dead and he nodded, she asked me to stay away, she looked like she had been stabbed in the stomach.”

“There was so much blood on the walls and all over the floor.

“A friend of mine went to smoke a cigarette around one in the morning and then talked to him.

“She was alone and she covered the reception.”

A source familiar with the matter told The Sun: “One night a receptionist was stabbed to death.

“His body was not discovered until another employee arrived the next morning. The hotel is a mess and there is blood on the floor and all the walls.”

Dorset police said the victim’s family had been informed and assisted by specially trained officers.

Jez Noyce Said?

Chief Inspector Jez Noyce of the Dorset Police Department’s Major Crime Investigation Team said, “Our hearts continue to go out to the victim’s family and to all those affected by this terrible accident.

“Officials keep the victim’s family informed and benefit from the support of specially trained officials.

“While the arrested man has been transferred to mental health care, investigations are ongoing and I continue to call anyone who has seen or heard anything suspicious in the Travelodge area. From Christchurch Road Wednesday morning Dec 9. 2020 to contact us . “”

A Travelodge spokesperson said: “We are deeply saddened to learn that a woman has died at Bournemouth Travelodge.

“Our thoughts and condolences go out to her family and our priority right now is to assist the police in their investigation.

“As this is a live police investigation, we are unable to comment at the moment.”

Neighbors said the hotel’s underground car park was known locally as a haunt for addicts.

One of them said: “The hotel is quite dangerous and known as a popular place for drug addicts.”

“You are in the underground parking lot doing a lot of things.

“I’ve reported it to the police several times, but they don’t do anything.”