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Mary Wells, 21, was murdered two weeks ago at her home in Colchester, Essex.

He was in the UK for six months and was due to return to the USA.

Suspect Charged

Adam Butt, 21, of Colchester, is now charged with murder.

A young American woman found stabbed to death in her home was murdered days before she returned to the United States.

Mary Wells, 21, was murdered two weeks ago at her home in Colchester, Essex.

She was attacked early in the morning and stabbed in the neck and body.

Paramedics were called on site, but unfortunately could not save Ms. Wells, who had come to the UK for a six month stay.

It is now known that he planned to return to Pennsylvania next week.

His broken friends have already raised thousands of pounds to cover the cost of returning his body to the United States.

Todd Hoffman, a good friend who helped organize the fundraiser, paid a moving tribute.

She said, “Mary was so kind and selfless that she would give someone the shirt behind her back.

Mary was calm and didn’t ask much.

He wasn’t the type of person who liked to fight or fight. She was very shy.

After Mary’s brutal death

After Mary’s brutal death, her family learned they had to raise money to pay for her body to return to the United States.

The harrowing process was made more difficult by the corrections needed for the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, thanks to generous donations, the goal of $ 3,300 (£ 2,400) to cover costs was met in a matter of days.

Todd, from Maryland, USA, added, “Mary was stabbed to death, supposed to go home on February 8th, she has been in England for the past six months.

“The family is deeply saddened by this unexpected tragedy.

Mary went through some difficult years. Mary lost her mother to health problems and lost her grandmother who looked after her after her mother died 2 years ago.

Mary was found at 5:35 a.m. on January 17th.

Detectives later confirmed that she died after being stabbed in the neck and body.

Adam Butt, 21, of Colchester, has been charged with murder and is due to appear before Chelmsford Crown Court in April.

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