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Who is Matt Kennedy ( Charged With The Murder Of His Stepsister ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Investigations and More Facts

Matt Kennedy

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A Montana man Matt Kennedy was jailed Thursday for allegedly killing his half-sister, who was found dead in a car in Iowa in 1999.

How ”Kimberly Ratliff” Dead?

Matt Kennedy, 52, was charged with the murder of Kimberly Ratliff, 22. Ratliff was found dead in her car in a Council Bluffs parking lot; Her body was mutilated and her neck was cut to the point where she was almost beheaded, according to the KCEN.

The news agency reported that Ratliff was found dead days after she was fired from the Airlite Plastics Company in Omaha. Authorities discovered that Ratliff had been killed elsewhere before being left in the car and found that there was no blood in the vehicle. They also said that they changed his clothes.

In 2016, Ratliff’s mother and stepfather told the Des Moines Register that the 22-year-old was dating drug dealers and addicts. Ratliff’s biological father, however, described his stepfather as extremely possessive and blamed him for his murdered daughter’s drug use.

Last year law enforcement officials told KCEN that they had a suspect but not enough evidence to make an arrest.

It is not immediately clear what events led to Kennedy’s arrest. One reason remains uncertain.

Kennedy was apparently living in Council Bluffs in 1999 when Ratliff was murdered. The Ames Tribune reported that Kennedy was still incarcerated in Montana until he was extradited to Iowa.