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Matthew James McIntyre

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Matthew James McIntyre, 35, has been in jail for almost two years after seducing the teenager in an instant messaging app.

Australia’s Minister for Child Welfare has revealed that he only discovered a 13-year-old girl in state care who was pregnant with a pedophile more than eight months after the incident.

Labor leader Peter Malinauskas

Labor leader Peter Malinauskas on Wednesday called on Child Welfare Minister Rachel Sanderson to explain how crime was allowed.

“What happened to this 13-year-old girl is absolutely disgusting,” Malinauskas told reporters.

“How did a pedophile manage to catch a 13 year old boy near a residential care facility?”

Sanderson responded on Thursday, saying the government was doing “everything it could” to ensure that nothing like this happened again.

The minister says she only learned of the incident on Tuesday, when McIntyre was convicted.

“I am also disappointed not to have been informed of this incident before,” said Sanderson.

She says the state government changed its notification procedure earlier this year – after the incident, but without her knowledge – requiring the minister to be notified of any significant incidents.

“I will not take the advice of the former Labor government on how to run a child welfare department,” she said.

“The services were placed around the child and a complex case review was done.”

‘Ashamed and predatory’

On Tuesday in South Australia District Court, McIntyre’s behavior was described as shameful and predatory.

According to The Advertiser, the crime came to the attention of a young worker after noticing changes in behavior in the teenager.

When the worker verified the girl’s phone number, they discovered a “large number of messages” from McIntyre on the teen dating app MyLOL.

The 35-year-old said he thought the girl was “17 or 18” when she approached him through the app.

However, the judge said McIntyre should be aware of the young woman’s age and the fact that she was in state custody.

On January 9, McIntyre took the 13-year-old to a public institution and had unprotected s*x with her.

The court heard the teen try to end the relationship after that, but McIntyre persisted.

“It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you bombarded your victim with messages, even when she said she didn’t want to continue messaging,” Judge Julie McIntyre said in the sentence.

“She was struggling, including her father’s terminal illness and [the] fear of being pregnant.”

The messages were released to police upon discovery, who learned that the 13-year-old was pregnant.

The pregnancy was terminated and McIntyre identified as the father.

“Even when your victim told you that she was worried about being pregnant and having an abortion … you suggested that she stay with the child and continue to have unprotected s*x with you,” said Justice McIntyre.

McIntyre will be eligible for parole in 2022.