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Who is Matthew Stillhallis Kelly ( Man 21, gets 54 years in prison after shooting officer ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Matthew Stillhallis Kelly

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An Idaho man was sentenced to 54 years in prison after pleading guilty to shooting a police officer last year, a judge said.

District Judge Jonathan Medema sentenced Matthew Stillhallis Kelly, 21, to 54 years in prison with 35 years probation for the murder of Officer Eagle Brandon Austin, the Idaho statesman reported.

Kelly, who is from Emmett, pleaded guilty to several serious crimes in November, including robbery and assault or assaulting some employees with aggravated improvement.

Austin was shot while trying to stop Kelly in July after he was spotted on a yellow motorcycle that was allegedly stolen.

Austin stopped his patrol during the chase after Kelly got off the motorcycle, authorities said. At this point, Kelly shot Austin twice. Austin then put on a tourniquet to stop the bleeding, police said.

Other officers found Austin and took him to hospital, where he was operated on and hospitalized for three days prior to his release. Patrick Orr, a spokesman for the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, said Austin was still recovering and had not returned to work.

Several police officers responded to the shooting to help find Kelly. Kelly then went to the police, authorities said. Police said two guns were found in Kelly’s backpack.

Kelly has been held in the Canyon County Jail on $ 2 million bond since her arrest in July. It was not immediately clear when he would be transferred to the Idaho Correctional Center to begin his sentence.