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Who is Mauricio Torres ( Father who is been found guilty for the rape and murder of his son ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Crime details, Investigations and More Facts

Mauricio Torres

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  • The Arkansas Supreme Court ordered a new trial against Mauricio Torres, 50, for the rape and murder of his son Isaiah Torres in 2015
  • Torres was convicted in 2016, but the state supreme court overturned the decision, saying authorities could not use rape and justify a murder conviction.
  • Torres was convicted a second time in 2020, but a judge overturned the trial after the defendant’s stepson tried to assault him in court.
  • Isaiah died in 2015 after prosecutors said his father raped him with a stick to eat a piece of cake.

An Arkansas father convicted twice of the rape and murder of his six-year-old son is on trial in this case after his most recent case resulted in a case dismissed over a courtroom fight and the first conviction overturned.

Mauricio Torres, 50, was convicted of murder with the death penalty, assault and beatings for the death of Isiah Torres in November 2016. However, the Arkansas Supreme Court denied that decision in 2019, saying authorities could not use rape as justification. convicted of murder.

Torres was convicted again, but a Benton County judge ruled that the trial was overturned during the March 2020 ruling after Torres’ stepson jumped off the stand and assaulted him.

The attorney general’s office appealed, saying the 2020 guilty verdict should stand, but that a third jury could decide on Torres’ punishment. Prosecutors are asking for the death penalty.

The Arkansas Supreme Court dismissed the appeal Thursday and ordered a new trial, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported.

Attorney General Leslie Rutledge described the latest decision as heartbreaking.

“Mauricio Torres has been convicted twice for the brutal murder of his son, but this decision means that those close to Isaías and the entire community face a devastating third trial,” she said. “I will do everything in my power to do justice to Isaiah.

Assistant Attorney General Veda Berger told the Supreme Court that Judge Brad Karren made a mistake in allowing the guilty plea to be vacated for an accident during sentencing.

Judge Shawn Womack, the only dissenting judge, agreed, saying that what happened during the sentencing had no bearing on the stage of Torres’ trial in which he was found guilty.

However, the other six magistrates of the High Court concluded that Karren had not made a mistake and had not exceeded his jurisdiction.

Torres’s stepson, Quinton Martin, 24, testified about his own physical abuse by his father in March 2020 when he jumped off the stand, jumped on a reporter and ran towards Torres and his attorneys who were filming the table in the defending. block your way.

After the blast in the courtroom, Torres’ attorney, Jeff Rosenzweig, urged the presiding judge to cancel the trial, arguing that what the jury saw “cannot be invisible.”

Surveillance video

After Judge Karren cleared the courtroom and verified surveillance video of the incident and relevant case law, he allowed the motion to leave the trial entirely, citing the “shock on the jury’s faces” when Martin walked away from his stepfather, dejected. .

Torres’ conviction and death sentence in 2016 were overturned by the Arkansas Supreme Court, which ruled 4-3 in April 2019 that Arkansas authorities could not use the rape as justification for the murder conviction given the attack Missouri took place. Torres’ son died in an Arkansas hospital the day after the attack.

Torres’ attorneys said his actions, which included inserting a stick into his son’s rectum, were intended to be punishment for eating a piece of cake without permission on a Missouri camping trip, and the father did not . He knew they could kill the boy.

A coroner said the boy’s death was due to a bacterial infection attributable to sodomy and chronic child abuse.

Torres was detained in the Benton County Jail, unleashed, awaiting a status hearing on March 12. Karren has issued a gag order preventing lawyers from commenting on the case.

Torres’ wife, Cathy, pleaded guilty to the boy’s death in 2017 and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.