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Who was Maxton soviak ( US service member killed in the Kabul airport attack ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Maxton soviak

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The identities of 13 American soldiers killed by an ISIS-K suicide bomber outside Kabul airport while overseeing the evacuation of thousands of American and Afghan allies.

The names of Navy medical personnel and five Marines involved in Thursday’s blast have been made public, while the identities of five other Marines and two Army soldiers have not yet been made public as the Army tries to inform your families.

We continue to mourn the loss of these Marines and pray for their families. We are now focusing on caring for dead families and caring for the injured, ”Major Jim Stenger, a spokesman for the marines, told The Post via email.

According to the protocol, the military did not release information on dead soldiers until 24 hours after relatives were notified, but several deaths had been independently confirmed by family members and local authorities prior to that time.

This is what we know about dead American soldiers.

Maxton soviak

Maxton soviak, a naval hospital physician, was originally from Berlin Heights, Ohio and graduated from Edison High School in Milan in 2017, reports Sandusky Register.

A woman who identified herself as Soviak’s older sister, nicknamed Marilyn Soviak on Instagram, wrote a heartbreaking message on Friday confirming her brother’s death.

– I have never been involved in politics and I will not start now. I say my handsome, smart, annoying and charming little brother was killed yesterday to save lives, “wrote the sister.

“He was a goddamn doctor. There to help people. And now he’s gone, and my family is never the same. There’s a big hole the size of Maxton that never gets filled,” he wrote together. to a slideshow of pictures showing them as a child.

“He was still a child. We are sending the children to death there. Children with their families who now have holes like us.”

Later, her family released a statement in which she claimed to be “a wonderful boy who loved his family, community and was proud to serve in the United States Navy.”

“He was thrilled with the opportunities offered by the fleet and planned to make the fleet a career,” the press release states.

“We are incredibly proud of his service to our country … Words cannot express how broken our hearts are with this news, and we miss Max so much.”

During his school days, Soviak was on the certificate of honor and on the football team, the press conference said.

“Max was a good athletic and active student during his school days. Everyone who knew him respected and loved him, “the school said in a statement, adding that the news of his death caused” great pain “.

Soviak has also previously worked as a service and rescue technician, the sales office said.