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Why Mom Megan Boswell of Missing Tennessee toddler arrested? Megan Boswell Biography, Age, Confused Case, Alerts and More Interesting Facts need to Know

Megan Boswell

Megan Boswell Short Biography – Wiki

Megan Boswell the mother of the missing child Evelyn Boswell, was arrested in Tennessee on charges related to the case.

Megan Boswell- Age

She was 18 years old.

Megan Boswell- Confused Case

The 15-month-old girl from Blountville, Tennessee, was missing in a confused case, which authorities said was full of contradictory and inaccurate information.

Jeff Cassidy, Sullivan County Sheriff, confirmed Wednesday afternoon that police were raiding a pond in Wilkes County, North Carolina in connection with the incident.

“I hope and pray, my staff hope and pray, and all those who work on this matter hope and pray … that it may live,” Cassidy said at a press conference in a courtroom in Blountville, Tennessee.

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Wilkes County authorities could not be contacted immediately for comment. Wilkes County is located in northwestern North Carolina, about 80 miles north of Charlotte.

“Carefully, they examine him and I await confirmation only,” said Leslie Earhart, spokesman for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, adding that investigators had not confirmed if Evelyn had been moved to across state borders.

“All boards must be checked to be sure.”

Megan Boswell- Amber Alert for the Girl on February 19

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Amber Alert for the girl on February 19 at the request of the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office. She had not been seen since December.

Evelyn has been missing since Tuesday evening.

Megan Boswell is facing a number of false positives, said the captain’s spokesman for Sullivan County Sheriff. All of Seabolt.