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Who Was Melinda Duckett ( Mom Attempted Suicide , Her Son Was Disappear in 2006 ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Suicide, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Melinda Duckett

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On August 27, 2006, a young mother called an ambulance from her home in Leesburg, Florida, to report her 2-year-old son missing.

Incident Details

Melinda Duckett, then 20, told the receptionist that her son Trenton had disappeared from her room while watching a movie with friends.

“He was ready to go to bed,” he gasped into the switchboard. “Maybe he took off his shoes and shirt. He was wearing denim shorts. He’s only 2 years old.” Police arrived at the scene and discovered that Trenton’s bedroom window had been slashed. The boy had disappeared without a trace.

For more than 14 years, the case confused authorities and tormented the Trenton family.

“We’re still actively looking for him,” Trenton’s maternal grandmother, Beth Eubank, told People. “Someone has to know something. Someone has to have answers.”

Main Suspect

Although Melinda Duckett was the main suspect in the investigation, she was never arrested. Weeks later, she appeared on the television show Nancy Grace and provided mixed information about Trenton’s disappearance. During the show, a combative Grace Duckett accused her of being evasive.

Attempted Suicide

The day after the show was taped, Duckett wrote a two-page letter to the “audience.” In the note, she expressed her love for Trenton and complained that she was treated with “ridicule and criticism.” She left the letter on the dash of her car before shooting herself.

The loss was devastating for Eubank, who faced the death of her daughter and the disappearance of her grandson. “It was difficult,” she told. “But we will never stop looking for Trenton. She lives somewhere.”

“[Melinda] was a young mother who did her best,” Eubank continues. “We just have to find out what happened in Trenton. I don’t want this to be forgotten.

Trenton would now be 16, which is important, according to Eubank. “This is the age when I would start driving. You need your birth certificate to get the papers. You may not even know she’s missing until you start looking for the papers.

Late last year, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children released a century-old photo of what Trenton Duckett would have looked like as a teenager. Eubank hopes this will make a difference.

“I never stopped hoping that we would find him,” he said. “I want him to know that he is loved and that he misses him every day.”

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