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Who is Melissa Ann ( Drunk driver girl paralyzed after being thrown 75ft from car ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family and More Facts

Melissa Ann

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Melissa Ann, a teenage “drunkard driver” was paralyzed when he was hanged 75 feet through a window in a horror car accident after a beer pong session.

Melissa Ann Age

Horrified locals discovered Melissa Ann, then 18, face down on the floor – her neck twisted, so crooked that her chin rested on her shoulder. She said the last hand she felt was the stranger who found the crash and called for help.

The woman from Tallahassee, Florida broke her neck in five places and damaged her spinal cord. This left her paraplegic, paralyzed from the neck down, and with paralysis of all four limbs.

At 30, she boldly spoke to the Real Fix podcast about the last thing she felt and the difficult ordeal of dealing with her life changing injuries.

Melissa had been out with a friend the night before the crash, so she had no intention of drinking.

But the teenager took part in a game of beer pong in August 2008.

She called her parents at 1 a.m. before the curfew to say she was at a friend’s house, but – almost inevitably – changed her mind and headed home at 3 a.m.

Melissa Ann had had a few beers with a few friends before she and her companion got behind the wheel of their pickup truck with her companion in the passenger seat.

She stopped next to a car on a fusion lane that “turned me off at the last second” and got too close, the brakes broke in a corner and crashed.

Not wearing a seat belt

Not wearing a seat belt, Melissa was thrown 75 feet through the open window when her truck rolled over countless times.

The accident was heard by residents a mile away.

Melissa told Real Fix, “When my truck rolled over after being caught on the side of the road, neither of us were buckled up for some crazy reason and we turned at eight. ten times.

“And during this turn I was thrown off my truck.

She added, “I landed 75 feet from my friend.

“And it looks like I got out of the vehicle first – depending on where we landed – and then further away, right next to where the vehicle stopped tipping.”

“The people who found us said that if it went back one more time, it would have completely depressed them.

“One of the guys next to me told me that I shook hands with him a few times, so he knew I was fine.

“And who would have ever known that this man’s hand would be the last hand I would be again after the accident and injury.”

Two men had heard the crash and rushed to the rescue to find Melissa’s injured friend with a broken pelvis and tail bone.

Melissa was taken to the hospital as “Jane Doe

Melissa was taken to the hospital as “Jane Doe” in a coma and her parents were called three hours later.

Scans revealed that she had broken her C3-C7 vertebrae and damaged her spinal cord, and doctors put pens in her neck to repair the damage.

She was in a ventilator coma for ten days before being taken to a rehabilitation center in Atlanta, Georgia.

Melissa spent two months in the hospital where she found movement – but no sensation – in just one muscle in her arm.

Melissa still has no feeling in her neck, but thanks to tireless rehabilitation work she has some movement in her arms again.

She told Real Fix that she initially denied her injuries and that it took her four years to come to terms with what had happened.

She believes that her calling is to educate others about the dangers of drinking and driving, and even says she wouldn’t necessarily change what happened.

Melissa added, “Do I want my feelings and movements to be how they used to be?”

“Of course – it would be crazy to say that I want to be paralyzed.

“But … despite all the physical losses, I wouldn’t want to change that because I don’t want to know what kind of person I would have been if I had stayed in this pattern of life … me.” “

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