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Who is Melissa Caddick ( Missing Sydney businesswoman linked to alleged multi-million-dollar fraud ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Missing, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Melissa Caddick

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Melissa Caddick Missing business woman “alive” in Sydney in connection with alleged million dollar fraud

NSW police remain optimistic about tracking down a missing Sydney businesswoman Melissa Caddick on suspicion of stealing “tens of millions” of dollars from hundreds of potential customers.

Melissa Caddick Age

Melissa Caddick, a 49-year-old mother, mysteriously disappeared from her $ 6.2 million mansion in Dover Heights in the eastern suburbs of Sydney on November 12 and has not been seen since.
Speaking to Ben Fordham about 2GB, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said detectives believed she was alive in the case and examined digital evidence for clues that would lead to his location.

“We’re treating the case [as if] she’s still alive,” said Mr. Fuller.
“It’s very difficult to disappear [in 2021] and not be found given the electronic fingerprint we all leave behind.”
Detectives searched CCTV footage, examined computer software in her vehicle, knocked on the door and analyzed other evidence including Ms. Caddick’s social media and bank accounts to find them.

Mr Fuller said the Australian Security Investment Commission (ASIC)

Mr Fuller said the Australian Security Investment Commission (ASIC) is also investigating potential fraud in retirement investments “in the millions, maybe tens of millions”.

“There are potentially hundreds and hundreds of victims,” ​​Fuller said.
“And of course his family … want answers.”

As reported by 9News last month, the Australian federal court learned that investors allegedly handed over more than $ 13 million to Ms. Caddick in advance of her disappearance.
Ms. Caddick went missing on November 12 after the Australian Federal Police (AFP) searched her home in Dover Heights as part of an

ASIC investigation

ASIC has identified up to 61 potential victims.

She reportedly used clients’ money to fund their lavish lifestyles rather than investing their savings.
Court documents showed that prior to her disappearance, Ms. Caddick used her credit cards to spend $ 250,000 on Dior; $ 60,000 at Chanel and over $ 230,000 at Canturi Jewelers.

Surveillance cameras in her house were unable to capture her departure as the hard drive had been confiscated three days earlier by federal agents during a raid on the property on behalf of ASIC.

All of Ms. Caddick’s assets and accounts have been frozen by court order.

A court allowed Ms. Caddick’s husband and 15-year-old son to receive $ 800 a week for “reasonable living expenses.”
Her disappearance is treated like a missing person, but the police say she is always open to all options, including whether she harmed herself or was in hiding.