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Who is Merve Bozkurt ( Daughter faked winning place at Oxford university ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Information and More Facts

Merve Bozkurt

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Merve Bozkurt Age

Merve Bozkurt, 25, told pious Gulseren, 57, that he needed the extra money to pay his bills while studying for a degree at the prestigious apprenticeship school.

However, the 25-year-old, who didn’t even have a passport, had not left the country and was living there while working as a real estate agent in Istanbul.

They only surprised her when a local TV station decided to write an article about her working mother and the incredible sacrifices she had made for her family.

Her involvement with her children quickly went viral, with donation offers that included the promise of a scholarship to cover all of the young woman’s expenses when she “finished her fifth year.”

However, it was later discovered that there were no students of that name at Oxford University and the girl was forced to tell the truth, Sabah reports.

He later apologized publicly and said, “I feel really bad because I upset my mother.

“I made up a story. I made everyone believe, including myself.

“However, I worked all the time in a real estate agency in Istanbul.”

Gulseren, a mother of two, said she made a living selling flowers in the town of Antakya for more than a decade and previously funded her son’s education in this way.

Speaking on local television before the truth was revealed, she said, “My husband works when he can, but he can’t always find a job. Sometimes he comes to the cemetery to help me.

“With the money I earn from selling flowers, I cover my children’s education costs.”

“When a person is healthy, the best thing to do is work. It’s good to spend the money I earn on my children. I want all women to work and stand firm.

“It’s not shameful to work in these professions. It’s a shame to need it when you can work. I love the work ”.

The TV station contacted the girl online, who reportedly said, “My mother plants the flowers herself, picks them up and sells them here, and sometimes goes to the mountains to pick flowers.

“My brother is also a graduate. He is currently working as a sergeant in Hakkari.

“My mother loves us very much. We are everything for her and she is everything for us.”

He went on to lie that he wanted to become a neurosurgeon after graduating from Oxford, adding: “My mother once told me that if I didn’t go to a good college, she wouldn’t let me continue my studies. studies.

“Because he fought his whole life, he never wanted his efforts to be in vain. Despite many problems, my mother never took it, she never stole it.”

Mervé Bozkurt added in the mock interview that he has now revealed: “I will not waste my mother’s great efforts and honor her.”