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Michael Avenatti

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Lawyer-turned-criminal Michael Avenatti was found guilty on Friday of pre-empting nearly $300,000 worth of books from then-client Stormy Daniels.

Twice-convicted criminal

The twice-convicted criminal and rising star now faces up to 22 years in prison for his convictions for computer fraud and aggravated identity theft.

The jury began deliberating on Wednesday.

During the trial, prosecutors portrayed Avenatti, 50, as a calculating thief who stole two book advances from Daniels in 2018 for a total of nearly $300,000.

The p*rn star, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, signed a book deal with St. Martin’s Press this year after it was revealed she received $130,000 in hidden cash ahead of the presidential election in 2016 to keep quiet about an alleged s*xual encounter with Donald. Trump years earlier.

To carry out his plan, prosecutors showed that Avenatti forged Daniels’ name in a letter to his literary agent, in which he asked him to wire two payments for the adult entertainer to a bank account he controlled. .

Daniels was the government’s key witness at the trial and told the jury that she had not allowed Avenatti to withhold money owed to her by the book trade.

“He robbed me and lied to me,” he said on the witness stand.

Daniels added that Avenatti had promised him “he would never take a penny from me for the book.”

Prosecutors showed jury papers related to the book deal, along with a series of text messages between Avenatti and Daniels that showed how he repeatedly lied to his client about the money.

When he didn’t receive his payments on time, Daniels asked Michael Avenatti for the missing money, according to SMS.

“I didn’t get paid today. Damn I’m not happy,” he said in one of the posts about a month after receiving his second payment in 2018.

“The publisher owes me a payment… This is nonsense,” he wrote in another.

Rather than confess to the theft, Michael Avenatti told her he would “find out” what had happened, although she had already received and spent the money.

In their closing argument, prosecutors pointed to a “mountain of evidence” against Avenatti, which they say broke his client’s trust.

“The defendant was a lawyer who robbed his own client. She thought he was her lawyer, but he misled her and told lies to cover it up,” prosecutor Robert Sobelman said.

“He stole them. He lied to her again and again,” added Avenattis Sobelman. Anything to steal and spend money that wasn’t his. The accused is guilty.”

Avenatti, who represented himself in court, maintained his innocence and in his closing argument suggested to the jury that Daniels owed him money because of the amount of work he and his law firm had done to him.

He also claimed the prosecution case against him was riddled with holes, likening it to a meal with a “cockroach in the middle of the plate”.

During the trial, Avenatti attempted to undermine Daniel’s credibility by questioning him about a series of statements she had made about his s*xual assault in prison and his belief in the paranormal.

“September 27, 2019…you said I was ‘damn cute and tough and if I go to jail there’ll be a long line of people to rape me,'” Avenatti asked Daniels, who didn’t denied that it was the comment had made.

During the exchange, Daniels confirmed that he’s previously made claims about his ability to talk to dead people and an inanimate doll he calls “Susan.”

“It’s not believable,” Avenatti said Wednesday during his closing argument before the jury.

His sentencing marks another black eye for the already ailing attorney, who rose to national prominence under the Trump administration as the voice of the president’s nemesis while representing Daniels.

In 2020, Avenatti was found guilty in the same federal court of trying to shake down sporting goods giant Nike for $25 million.

In this case, he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

After his sentencing, he told the judge he betrayed himself and his friends by fighting with the former president and his supporters.

“I got lost,” he said. “I betrayed my values, my friends, my family and myself.”

“I let myself be guided by the things of life

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