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Michael Christopher Mejia

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Despite both prosecutors’ objections to the case, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office on Thursday withdrew its offer to seek the death penalty for an authorized gang member accused of killing a family member east of Los Angeles, so he opened fire on two Whittiers. . Police officers who killed one and injured the other.

Michael Christopher Mejia, 30, is awaiting trial for the murder of agent Keith Boyer, 53, and his cousin Roy Torres, 47, on 20 February 2017.

Murder charges include charges of special circumstances, murder of a law enforcement officer on duty, murder to avoid arrest, and multiple murders.

“In opposition to Mr. (Geoff) Lewin and me, and despite our efforts to prevent it, we have been ordered to remove the death penalty from this case,” Deputy Attorney Garrett Dameron said during a hearing. on the case today in Norwalk courthouse.

Prosecutors announced in 2018 that they would apply the death penalty against Michael Christopher Mejia. The dismissal will take place two months after prosecutor George Gascón takes office. Gascón, who said he had a “public mandate,” promised the office would no longer pursue the death penalty.

The Whittier Aviv Bar police chief and two relatives of the victim spoke at the hearing and the chief demanded that all applicable charges and convictions be confirmed.

The police chief said the loss of Boyer was “devastating to our department” and said “we will never be the same again”.

The victim’s son, Josh Boyer, called the day of his father’s death “the worst day of my life” and said he “wanted justice done”.

A parent of Torres, Tiffany Garcia, said: “I’ll be his voice, but it’s not justice.”

During a preliminary hearing in June 2017, a taped interview with Michael Christopher Mejia was aired in court in which he told investigators that he had “smoked” the officer and his cousin and “shot and killed” another police officer. .

“I think you have everything there: you smoked my cousin, you smoked the policeman … I mean, what more do you want? I shot another policeman,” Mejia said during the 48-minute interview in a prison room of the hospital. eight days after the murders.

During the first part of the taped interrogation of Sheriff investigators Dean Camarillo and Omar Miranda on the murders, Mejia said earlier: “Honestly, I don’t remember doing anything … I was stoned …”

But then he said to the detectives, “I did, I mean, I did … you two, you three expected it” and added that “the officer got too aggressive with me.”

Boyer, Whittier’s first officer killed on duty in 37 years, was shot dead while answering just after 8am. on a report of a car accident near Colima Road and Mar Vista Street in which Mejía was involved.

Mejía reportedly pulled out a semi-automatic pistol and shot Boyer and Officer Patrick Hazell, who was shot in the stomach but survived.

Mejía was shot in the back.

On February 28, he told investigators in a taped interview that he wanted to escape after the accident, but “the police chased me in two minutes.” You said the incoming officers had no guns when they approached.

“I delayed. I should have smoked them faster,” he said on the tape, then told the detectives, “They didn’t go out with both guns because if they went out with both, it would have been like that.” it was a ball game. completely different “.

When asked by detectives if he had anything to say to the Whittier Police Department, Mejia replied, “I mean, train your boys better. Train your boys better. They just tested a gang member. Los Angeles, a real Los Angeles gang member. What do I mean? And no, I don’t mind. Because I know you were leaving me, my family wouldn’t feel sorry for you. ”

When asked about the homicide investigators what happened to Torres, the defendant said that his cousin “should have kept his nose clean” and that he “warned” him.

Mejia accused

In addition to the murder charges, Michael Christopher Mejia is accused of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer, car theft and possession of a firearm by a criminal with two previous convictions: second degree theft in 2010 and robbery. Car of 2014.

The allegations also include allegations that Mejia personally and deliberately fired a firearm and committed the crimes “for the benefit of, direct and related.

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