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Michael Close

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The Denver man stole an AR-15 from a friend of the police force, killing a 21-year-old neighbor and seriously injuring his friend because he was angry that his dog was puking on the floor nearby, according to the report. Denver Channel.

Michael Close, 36, has been charged with multiple crimes and misdemeanors in the death of Isabella Thallas and the injuries of Darian Simon, 27, on June 10, 2020.

Simon said he heard someone scream “asking if the victim was training the dog or just yelling at him,” according to a likely case report. He said he tried to ignore the suspect, but noticed he was aiming a shotgun through a window just before fire opened.

Thallas was immediately pronounced dead and Simon shot twice.

Close escaped after shooting but was spotted about an hour after a BOLUS warning was issued.

The AR-15 Close in action belonged to Doug Schepman, the Denver police intelligence officer, who said he told investigators that the rifle was his when he found it was missing. This week he said the rifle was not a police weapon.

Close has been charged with a number of first degree murders after deliberation, a number of first degree murders with extreme indifference, a number of attempted first degree murders after deliberation, and a number of attempted murders first degree murder with extreme indifference, a number of first degree attacks with a deadly weapon, a number of first degree attacks with extreme indifference, and six numbers of high capacity magazine owners during a crime.

Charges Against ”Michael Close”

He was also charged with six offenses: three cases of possession of a prohibited large-capacity magazine, two cases of prohibited use of firearms, and one case of disorderly behavior in possession of a firearm. There are also four ways to improve the penalties for committing a violent crime and using a weapon.

Close returns for trial on March 8th.