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Who is Michael Cowey ( Husband Murdered MUM-of-three who died screaming for her babies ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Michael Cowey

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Gemma Cowey, a mother of three murdered by her husband Michael Cowey “died crying for their babies,” her heartbroken family said today.

Michael Cowey Age

‘Persistent domestic abuser’ Michael Cowey, 49, told Gemma Cowey, 38, that he wanted to meet to talk and lured her to an abandoned mental hospital, where he stabbed her 22 times.

Killer Cowey was jailed for 23 years in Norwich Crown Court today for the gruesome murder in June this year.

In a touching statement on the impact of the victim, Gemma’s mother, Linda Smith, said her daughter was “the embodiment of love and kindness” and that she continued to have terrible visions of the death of her daughter as she “cried for her babies”.

Father Eric Marjoram

Her father Eric Marjoram said: “We have our judgment and it will take our whole life. All we ask now is justice for Gemma.”

Linda described how Gemma was left behind by Cowey “confused and exhausted, a shadow of herself” after being “enslaved in her pathetic world of abuse”.

She added, “The sheer evil of what he did makes me nervous every day. Gemma fought for her life, we know, because she had defensive injuries.

“Knowing it causes me extreme pain in my head and heart. I see Gemma screaming for her life, I see the fear and pain on her face when she sees the knives.

“We think she cried for her babies and my heart goes to agony when I think about it.

“My natural instinct as a parent is to protect my children. I am completely devastated that I cannot protect them in the last minutes of their lives.”

Gemma’s father, Eric Marjoram, said she was “happy and bubbly” and looked forward to her new life without a cow.

He said: “When Gemma was murdered she was just starting to bring her life back together and for the first time in years the light was back in her eyes.”

The court heard how customer service agent Gemma Cowey met in 2014 and married him in 2018 before leaving him in January of that year for domestic violence.

Prosecutor Stephen Spence said she gave police an explanation for an earlier incident where she feared for her safety when he armed himself with a knife.

The court heard Gemma and her children move in with their mother and “gain strength and confidence”.

She kept in regular contact with Cowey because of the two children she had with him, but told her mother she would not come back to him, Mr Spence said.

He said Cowey mistakenly believed she had started a new relationship and met her on June 19 in the grounds of the old St. Andrew’s Hospital in Thorpe St. Andrew, near Norwich.

Two workers investigating Gemma’s screams said they saw Cowey appear “calm”.

Then they ran into a bloody and helpless Gemma and quickly contacted the ambulance – at which point Cowey had run away.

A doctor at the nearby Northside House Psychiatric Hospital attempted to resuscitate CPR for ten minutes before paramedics and an ambulance arrived.

An autopsy revealed that she had been stabbed 22 times, mostly in the chest, neck and back.

The court heard that Cowey had traveled to Nuneaton, Warwickshire, where he was arrested by armed police after being discovered at a petrol station.