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Michael Foligno

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A New Jersey police chief “scratched” an icy river in New Jersey Thursday to rescue a 2-year-old girl and her mother who fell to the ice.

Elmwood Park Police Chief Michael Foligno took action after learning that a 37-year-old woman and her baby were stranded in the Passaic River, reported.

Incident Details

The mother screamed. She said that she could no longer hold the baby, ”Foligno recalls.

“She couldn’t just sit there and do nothing.”

The police hero used a plastic shovel and a kayak that he borrowed from a nearby gas station to push himself 75 meters upstream to reach them.

“I jumped in [the kayak] and practically headed downtown and managed to meet her.”

Mother and daughter “were seconds from doom” when Foligno caught up with them, Detective Capt told the Daily Voice. Mark D’Amore.

Foligno managed to get the woman and child out of the icy water and into the kayak while they waited for rescuers.

At that point, the boy walked in and passed out, police said. Her mother panicked and repeatedly yelled, “We’re going to die!” her while she held her head.

“While we waited, I lay on her to warm myself up a bit and the baby started blinking,” Foligno said.

About 25 minutes later, firefighters arrived at the scene and one put on a wetsuit to enter the river and bring the kayak ashore, reported.

The mother and daughter were taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center in Paterson and are expected to be well.

Rescuers said the girl’s body temperature dropped when she reached it in the mid-1980s.

“I can’t imagine how they lasted that long,” Foligno said. “During the 20 or 25 minutes that I was in the boat, I only touched the water, I froze.

It is not yet clear how the two ended up in the river, but police are investigating.

“The good news is that I am safe and we appreciate it,” Foligno said.