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Michael Greenaway

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A married Michael Greenaway and Maria Greenaway couple was found dead in bed by the woman’s horrified mother after failing to pick up their son from school after a suspected carbon monoxide leak.

Michael Greenaway and Maria Greenaway Age

Michael and Maria Greenaway, both in their thirties, were found lifeless in their Cotswolds home on Monday 10 May.

Maria’s mother was forced to tear down the front door of the house in Cirencester, Gloucs before she found Maria and her husband in bed.

Maria’s nine-year-old son had been to see his grandma the night before, according to a family friend.

The grandmother noticed something was wrong when the boy’s school called and said Maria hadn’t picked up her son on Monday afternoon.

Emergency services visited the scene in which the couple was pronounced dead – and the police still treated the incident as “unsolved.”


The family’s initial findings were that they died of carbon monoxide poisoning, a friend of Maria’s mother wrote online.

The investigation was opened today at Gloucestershire Coroner’s Court and adjourned.

The hearing was informed that her formal cause of death has not yet been established.

Mr. Greenaway has been described in a family statement as a “happy go happy” brother and son who are missed by many.

It said, “We as a family are heartbroken at our loss.

“Michael left behind his parents, mother Karen Dad Martin, sisters Manph and Emma, ​​and beloved daughter Millie.

“Michael was a fun-loving and happy lucky guy.

“Usually he had a smile on his face. Michael was our little diamond and his early departure will forever leave a huge hole in our hearts. ”

A lot of tributes for the couple also flooded in on social media.

A friend of Maria writes: “Fly High Angel will not forget you.

“I still can’t believe you left, I won’t forget you.”

Gloucestershire Police said: “The deaths are still being treated as unresolved and investigations are ongoing to determine the cause of death.”