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Who is Michael Ibrahim ( Drug dealer threatened to kill sister after kidnapping nephew ) Wiki, Bio, Age Crime, Kidnap, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Michael Ibrahim

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Drug dealer Michael Ibrahim, sentenced to 30 years in prison for trying to import two tons of MDMA into Australia, was charged with threatening to kill another member of the Ibrahim family.

Incident Details

Investigators say Michael threatened his sister Fifi Ibrahim, also known as Armani Stelios, after her son Michael Haddad was kidnapped.

Michael Haddad is the son of Marwan Haddad, who is now divorced from Fifi Ibrahim and is on trial for his alleged role in a cocaine union.

Police said Michael Haddad, 21, was abducted from a block of Ryde units on Saturday and found on a highway in the East Hills near Bankstown on Tuesday.

He was taken to Bankstown Hospital with minor injuries and is working with the police.

Michael Ibrahim was taken to Goulburn Police Station yesterday and charged, while his brother Sam Ibrahim was transferred from Long Bay Prison and taken on a flight to Perth, where he is transferred to the Christmas Island Immigration Center.

The government revoked his permanent visa after he was convicted of leading an arms union.

Michael Ibrahim will be tried in December for molesting his sister in a shuttle after threatening her with a prison phone.

There is no evidence that Michael was involved in the kidnapping of his grandson.

NSW police serious crime and robbery detectives are still looking for those behind Michael Haddad’s kidnapping and asking anyone who sees anything suspicious on Morrison Road in Ryde on Saturday to contact Crime Stoppers.

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