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Who is California man skips out on sex assault trial; meets Michigan girl online? Michael Khatoonian Biography, Charges, Image, In prison if convicted, Arrested and More Facts to Know

Michael Khatoonian

Michael Khatoonian Biography – Wiki

Tuscola County police have arrested a California man Michael Khatoonian who has been convicted of multiple sexual assault and is said to have missed part of his trial to see a Michigan girl he met online.

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Michael Khatoonian- Charges

A jury in Sacramento, California found Michael Khatoonian guilty of the following charges and waited for the sentence after he left the state:

  • Two sexual assaults on a child under the age of 10
  • Two cases of forced sexual abuse
  • Obscene and lascivious childbirth chief of child under 14 years
  • Khatoonian sexually assaulted the girl while her mother was in the bathroom and again while her mother was sitting on the other side of the sofa, the Sacramento prosecutor said.

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Michael Khatoonian- 85 years in prison if convicted

If convicted, he faces up to 85 years in prison in California. However, the sheriff of Tuscola County, Glen Skrent, said Khatoonian broke the tape and left California during the trial to see a Michigan girl he met online.

Michael Khatoonian- Arrested

The Tuscola County police arrested Khatoonian on Wednesday. It was not clear whether he would expect additional charges in Michigan. Authorities are working to extradite Khatoonian to California for conviction.

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