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Who is Michael Riego (Arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting ponies)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Michael Riego

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A man Michael Riego was arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting several ponies in New Castle County Carousel Park and the Equestrian Center. New Castle County police announced Thursday the arrest of 31-year-old Michael Riego.

Michael Riego Age

He is 31 years old.

Michael Riego Investigations

At around 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, detectives monitored the stables in the equestrian center as part of an ongoing investigation when they discovered Riego in a pony’s stable.

According to the police, Riego entered the stable and bound the pony’s hind legs together. The police entered and found Riego hiding in a corner and arrested him.

Authorities have been investigating since February after several reports of injured ponies are available at New Castle County Carousel Park and the Equestrian Center.

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Ponies were found injured

The ponies were found injured, with their legs tied with ropes directly over their hooves, the police said. According to the investigators, the incident involved a 17-year-old black and white mare who had difficulty walking due to injuries to her hind legs. Police said they discovered a similar report from September 2019.

The incident in September 2019 affected a 20-year-old mare, who had a string tied around one of her real legs, the police said. According to the investigators, the surveillance video showed a white man in a dark jacket who entered the barn on the two nights after midnight. The man was determined to be involved in the two incidents.

Another incident was reported to the police on April 20, involving a 31-year-old brown mare.

Michael Riego surveillance video

According to the police, a surveillance video showed Riego taking the bucket of food out of the barn and entering the pony’s stable. According to the police, Riego was observed tying his legs, undressing and sexually assaulting the pony. At that time, the police could not identify Riego due to the clothing that covered his face.

Authorities say all ponies have been treated and have since resumed their normal routine.

Riego is charged with bestiality and burglary. The authorities expect additional costs because the investigation is still active and ongoing.