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Who is Michael Stepakoff ( Messianic rabbi nabbed for Capitol invasion ) Wiki, bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Michael Stepakoff

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Michael Stepakoff, federal authorities arrested the rabbi at a Messianic synagogue in Florida and charged him with several counts relating to the violent uprising on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

Michael Stepakoff identified on surveillance videos

Michael Stepakoff was identified on surveillance videos in the Capitol by a witness who, according to the complaint against him, has known him for two decades.

Stepakoff first appeared in federal court in Florida on Friday and was released on bail. His next court appearance will be Feb. 4 in the District of Columbia.

Stepakoff posted several photos, including a selfie, of outside the Capitol during the mob attack. At one point in the day his wife wrote: “Update on Michael all of you … keep praying for his protection and to be safe. He texted me privately and said he was fine, but he is very dangerous where he is. the main building … “Another witness told the FBI that Stepakoff said in a phone call that he went to the Capitol.

“I don’t know to what extent his presence makes him guilty of a crime,” Stepakoff’s lawyer Rick Terrana told WFLA. “He just followed the crowd to the Capitol just to be a spectator and walked into the Capitol after it opened, about an hour after that incident that we had all seen on TV.”

Rioters clashed with police and stormed into the Capitol as lawmakers counted electoral college ballots in the presidential election, apparently hoping to stop the tally and name Donald Trump the winner of the election on the basis of completely denied fraud allegations. Five people, including a US Capitol police officer, died in close combat. It took hours to clean the building and get lawmakers back to doing their jobs safely. Nearly 150 police officers were injured, some seriously.

Stepakoff was charged with the same charge as almost everyone involved in the uprising: entering or staying in a restricted building without permission, disorderly or disruptive behavior in a restricted building, and forced entry and disorderly behavior on the Capitol grounds.

Stepakoff is the rabbi of the New Jerusalem Temple in Palm Harbor. Most Jewish and Christian groups consider Messianic Jews who believe Jesus to be a Jewish Messiah to be Christians, but Messianic groups consider themselves Jews.