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What you don’t Know about Mikayla Nardella Story ? Mikayla Nardella Biography, Wiki, Age, Incident details,

Mikayla Nardella

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A woman Mikayla Nardella successfully tracked down the mysterious man she met at a popular Sydney bar after asking for help tracking him down on social media.

Mikayla Nardella story on the Bondi Local Loop Facebook group

Mikayla Nardella posted her story on the Bondi Local Loop Facebook group on Sunday morning after failing to receive the name and number of an Irish man she spoke to at the Strawberry Hills Hotel.

“Okay, I went to Strawberry Hills and met a guy named Jason from Derry. I called him an egg! I hope he has this page so I can get his number, ”she wrote.

“He’s starting to tell me he’s just moaning, haha, like just kidding, but with his amazing accent!” And the name Egg just stayed after that, ”Mikayla told Daily Mail Australia.

The couple met in the early hours of Sunday morning at the Surry Hills Pub, popular with Sydneysiders because it stays open well into the morning.

Mikayla and Egg “had a few laughs” but when he got them the staff started leading people out to close the bar.

“He got us drinks, but it was closed and we all had to leave and were separated. I never got the chance to find out his details! ‘She told Daily Mail Australia.

Mikayla went home and didn’t waste time looking for Egg. He posted on Bondi Local Loop at 5:44 a.m. hoping to track him down.

Members of the group jumped into action, with one describing the situation as an “egg hunt”.

“You cracked it,” commented one person.

“I hope you don’t poach someone else’s guy,” added another.

A member asked Mikayla why she didn’t immediately ask for his number, to which someone replied, “Your brain was … messed up”.

An administrator of another Irish Around Sydney Facebook page saw Mikayla’s request and offered to share it with her group. He said, “He will be found”.

Mikayla confirmed to Daily Mail Australia that Egg was indeed found thanks to the post on the Irish Around Sydney page.

She said she would not be overly concerned if her interest was not returned because “the comments made it worth it either way”.