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Mike Morgan

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The Boss of a private ambulance company went crazy after his Thai wife went wild in a hotel room with a naked lover

An angry 55-year-old Mike Morgan assaulted his ex-wife Rossalin and her new boyfriend after seeing their car parked outside the four-star animal shelter.

He found his room and exploded after Rossalin, 40, opened the door “while undressing,” a court said.

Morgan, a father of two, beat his wife, who fell to the ground and then dragged her lover, Neil Bannister, out of the shower.

Then the two men argued on the bed.

Incident Details

Prosecutor Nadine Clough said Bannister successfully subdued Morgan and held him face down on the bed to defuse the situation.

Morgan continued to be violent, calling his wife a “terrible woman” before leaving.

Bannister suffered scratches and bruises in the October attack on the Coniston Hotel for £ 200 a night in Skipton, North York, where Rossalin was a housekeeper.

Morgan, whose private ambulance fleet provided cover for the 2012 London Olympics, admitted beating up his wife and Mr. Bannister.

He also pleaded guilty to violently assaulting Rossalin between October 4 and 10 after threatening to post nude photos of her on Facebook.

John Mewies joked that his angry client “found a scene he could barely believe”.

He walked into the hotel lobby and thought something strange was going on because the staff were “laughing”.

Mr. Mewies said, “He knocked on the door,” his wife replied.

“She was undressed and he saw a naked man in the shower. He lost his temper and there was a bit of an uproar in the hotel room.”

“He’s deeply affected by this, but it’s a situation that wasn’t created by him. He encountered a scene he could barely believe.”

Skipton Magistrates Court was informed that Morgan Events Medical Services founded Events in 2002 and has seen it grow into one of the UK’s leading independent ambulance companies.

The fleet of emergency vehicles and first responders, doctors, nurses, paramedics, doctors and firefighters also covered the sets of Coronation Street, Heartbeat, Shameless and Emmerdale.

Morgan, who will return to court on January 15, has been warned that he faces jail.

Rossalin spoke to The Sun last night in the old family home in town: “We weren’t together when it happened, we broke up.”