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Mindy Dixon

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Mindy Dixon , as previously reported by CrimeOnline, a half-naked priest allegedly had sex with two women in high heeled boots and corsets in the church and on the altar of the Roman Catholic Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Pearl River. A tripod with a camera was installed to record the incident.

When the lights of a Louisiana Catholic church were still on after the usual time of September 2020, a spectator took a look and made a surprising discovery.

The eyewitness decided to take his own video of the incident and send it to authorities. The video reportedly showed Clark pulling up his priestly uniform and leaning over the altar, CBS 4 reports. Lights were placed around the trio “as if they were filming some kind of event.”

Police Arrest the priest of Saints Peter and Paul

Police first arrested the priest of Saints Peter and Paul, Reverend Travis Clark, for blasphemy. Clark has been a priest in the Church since 2019.

According to the arrest warrant, Mindy Dixon, 41, an adult film actress who also works as a dominatrix, and Melissa Cheng, 23, were involved in the video. Both were initially charged with obscene acts.

Police said Dixon posted to Facebook in September 2020 and was on his way to meet a dominatrix “and defile a house of God.”

The St. Tammany District Attorney’s Office said on Friday the trio would face fewer vandalism charges. Dixon and Cheng’s attorney, Bradley Phillips, told the outlet that prosecutors “had exceeded their limits” in laying charges against the women.

“Instead, after almost six months of waiting, the state decided to bring a lesser charge of ‘institutionalized vandalism’. It is clear that the state has done everything it can to falsify the facts of this case to fit their own narrative, ”said Phillips.

“Once again, they have overstepped their limits as this is just a thinly veiled attempt to regulate individual morale. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it’s criminal. My clients look forward to their day in court as we continue to fight this baseless allegation. ”

Investigators said they found plastic sex toys, two recording devices and scene lights at the crime scene, as well as the witness who saw the sex act in public. Louisiana law says it is illegal to have sex in public, but Phillips argued the incident was private and was not intended to allow anyone to look out a window.

The three suspects are due to stand trial in Covington on Monday before District Judge Ellen Creel. Check again for updates.