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Mohamed Yasin Aboubaker

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An American Mohamed Yasin Aboubaker was accused of attacking his partner in front of their son for placing an incorrect order from McDonald’s.

Police were called to the Minnesota home the night of March 21 after reports of riots.

Against the backdrop of an emergency call, receptionists could hear “arguing and yelling” and “a screaming child” according to Blue Earth County Court records.

Mohamed Yasin Aboubaker

Officials came and spoke with the victim, who said that the attacker Mohamed Yasin Aboubaker 39, the father of her three-year-old son, had left the apartment.

He added that Aboubaker, 39, had stayed with her a few days before the accident, but had not lived there.

The victim added that she and the 39-year-old had an argument in the kitchen because he was upset that she was offering him a quarter-pound hamburger instead of a McDonald’s Big Mac.

Then she asked him to leave her and he did not.

“The discussion continued and Aboubaker grabbed (the victim) and threw her on the floor against the dresser,” read court documents.

“(The victim) said her son was in the room screaming when it happened.”

“(The victim) said that he was afraid for her and for hers, her son.”

Aboubaker then removed the money from the woman’s purse before damaging it with insect repellent.

The 39-year-old man was later arrested and charged with two attacks on his family.