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Who was Mohammed Arman ( Man 33, was convicted of raping and murdering a child, Shot by executioner ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Mohammed Arman

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  • Three Yemenis were in a public square in the capital Sana’a. performed
  • Ali al-Naami, 40, was convicted of the murder of his 7, 12 and 14-year-old daughters.
  • Abdullah Al-Makhali, 38, and Mohammed Arman, 33, were also executed
  • Al-Makhali and Arman were found guilty of rape and murder of a child
  • The three men had to lie down on the carpets and were shot by an executioner.

Three Yemenis were executed Wednesday in a public square in the capital Sanaa.

Ali al-Naami, 40, Abdullah Al-Makhali, 38, and Mohammed Arman, 33, were taken to Tahrir Square and shot by an executioner.

Al-Naami was found guilty of the murder of his three daughters Rahaf, 7, Raghad, 12, and Malak, 14 in June 2019.

On Wednesday it was placed on a carpet in a public square in Sanaa in front of hundreds of spectators.

He admitted to strangling his daughters and drowning in a water tank after their mother left the house due to domestic quarrels with him.

Al-Naami was photographed in a blue overalls and carried to his execution by the soldiers before the doctors prepared him.

He knelt on the carpet before resting his forehead on the floor.

Two doctors were seen holding al-Naami on the floor, one with one hand on his shoulder and the other with a stethoscope around his neck holding a pen.

After the execution, al-Naami was wrapped in the carpet and the soldiers took him out of the square.

Viewers were able to film the performance with their cell phones and video cameras.

Al-Makhali and Arman were found guilty of the rape and murder of a child, Mohammed al-Haddad, before being shot in a public square.

Soldiers were on guard and another soldier was photographed positioning Al-Makhali at the execution site.

Spectators took photos and filmed with their cell phones as a police officer executed the couple.

The soldiers then wrapped their bodies in a white sheet and took them from the square.

The death penalty is a legal punishment in Yemen for crimes threatened by the death penalty, which include acts of violence such as murder, rape and terrorism.

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