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Murray Deakin

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Murray Deakin, who had previously killed his grandmother and led the police into two dangerous activities, growled when a retired police officer approached him on a country road in New South Wales.

“Follow the code … you have to follow the code,” the expressionless 20-year-old told Michael ‘Mick’ Horne in June 2018.

He sighed as Mr. Horne asked for his name, pulled a hammer out of his pack and hit the 54-year-old fugitive in the back of the head.

Melanie Horne witnessed her last husbandry moments before Deakin ordered her to come and go from the couple’s hut.

Crimes History

The New South Wales Supreme Court learned on Monday that Deakin agreed to kill Horne, 54, and Gail Winner, 69, on June 1, 2018 on the southern tip of the coast.

But he pleaded not guilty to killing due to mental illness, the court said.

“We rely on psychiatric evidence that, given the odds, Mr. Deakin suffered from the prodromal stages of schizophrenia not just before but several years before June 1 (2018),” said Deakin’s attorney Julia – Ann Hickleton said. .

Deakin, now 22, pleaded guilty to causing severe physical harm as a result of a mental illness with the intention of killing his grandfather Thomas Winner, then 71.

Upon learning that this was not medical advice, Ms. Hrickon said she intended to support Mr. Winner by reporting to the police on June 1 that her granddaughter had lost control of her. and he was “schizophrenic”.

Prosecutors disagree that Deakin’s psychosis and subsequent assassination acts are due to a mental illness.

“Prosecutors say it’s drug-induced psychosis,” Neil Adams told SC, arguing that Deakin had used cannabis and LSD prior to the two murders.

“It is constant between prosecution and defense that he knew what he was doing.

“But the problem is whether he knew what he was doing was wrong.”

Agreed facts suggest that Deakin, who returned to Winners’ Bega around 3:30 pm on June 1, found that his motorcycle had been moved.

Deakin stabbed her grandfather in the chest with a penknife on the front door and chased her grandmother when she ran to her car and stabbed her in the chest, neck and back.

The winner was stabbed four more times while trying to snatch the knife from his grandson.

Then Deakin drove his grandparents’ car bumpy and fast through Bega towards the coast.

Police canceled two law enforcement actions for safety reasons, including when a main engine with a trailer was forced to evade Deakin’s approach on a two-lane highway.

The damaged car was later seen by Mr. Horne, a retired police officer, as he and Mrs. Horne were driving home from Merimbula.

The couple followed him until Deakin pulled up to the side of a road on the edge of Tura Beach and turned into a driveway that led to a house.

When her husband was behind Deakin, Ms. Horne stayed in the car, filmed Deakin, and talked to the emergency services.

In her video, her husband turned and ran to the car as the recorded triple zero call caught Deakin screaming and ordering Ms. Horne to get out of the car.

He was arrested at gunpoint about four hours later after Ute Hornes crashed into a nearby forest.

Ms. Horne called for help within minutes of the attack, but her husband died from his injuries on June 3 in a Sydney hospital.

The trial, which Judge Robert Beech-Jones hears without a jury, was suspended early Monday after Deakin fell ill.