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Who is Mustafa Ali Yilmaz ( Dad executed his daughter with hail of 20 bullets ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Mustafa Ali Yilmaz

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A JALOUS father “executed” his daughter and shot her 20 times when she refused to tell him where her mother was after the separation.

Mustafa Ali Yilmaz, 69, collided with her daughter’s car, pulled her out of the vehicle and wanted to know where her ex-wife was in Balikesir, Turkey.

General practitioner Gulnur Yilmaz, 28, traveled from Balikesir to Antalya to prepare for an exam with two friends on June 27, 2019.

Her father followed her to her car and allegedly hit her vehicle and threw it off the road.

According to local media, he took his daughter out of the car and wanted to know where her mother was.

When the woman refused to tell him, he shot her with 20 bullets, 11 of them in the head.

The father fled the scene on foot, but local police teams quickly captured him with the weapon in his possession.

He now faces life in prison if he is convicted of murder.

The victim’s mother, Gulden Yilmaz, divorced the man in January 2020.

During a Supreme Court hearing in Balikesir Burhaniye, Yilmaz claimed to be mentally unstable.

The court has suspended the session pending a psychological evaluation of the accused.

Earlier this year, Instabul’s jealous husband allegedly slashed his wife’s face after discovering that he had spoken to a friend on Instagram.

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