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Naomi Bell

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A 43-year-old Connecticut woman was jailed after state police shot and killed two of her children, killed her teenage daughter, and seriously injured her 7-year-old son

Naomi Bell is charged with murder and attempted murder and is being held in the Niantic Correctional Center on $ 2.5 million bail. His indictment is scheduled for Monday, Hartford Courant reports.

Another son was not at the family’s home in Plymouth at the time of the shooting, but her husband Owen Bell was there and was not injured, according to Courant, Connecticut state police said.

Plymouth police were called to the scene at around 7pm. When someone in the house called 911 on Friday, State Police spokeswoman Christine Jeltema said. Officers on arrival found the 15-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy seriously injured, Jeltema said. The girl was pronounced dead on the spot and the boy was taken for treatment at Connecticut Children’s in Hartford.

State police said Naomi Bell suffered from mental illness but did not release any information on the cause of the shooting.

Interim Superintendent of Plymouth Schools, Sherri Turner, sent a message to the parents of the school system about the incident:

“I am writing to you this morning with heartbreaking news. As you may have heard, there was a shooting in Terryville last night involving one of our families. Tragically, a student [from Terryville High School] was killed and a younger brother, a student from Fisher [Elementary School], was seriously injured. A third brother, an Eli Terry [College] student, was absent at the time. “”

Taylor Wells, who lives near the bells, told Courant she was having dinner when the police arrived.

“I didn’t hear any shots,” he said. “The first thing I hear are all the sirens of police cars and ambulances, then I see them carry the girl on a stretcher and take her away.

Wells said the family had lived in the neighborhood for years, even though he didn’t know them well.

“I only knew her to give the boy his soccer ball back when he walked into my garden,” he said. “I’ve had little conversations with her, usually how are you?” He was always kind. “”