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Narada Hayles

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The man alleged to have shot a Danish tourist in a failed attack on the Upper West Side has been arrested, police said on Tuesday.

Narada Hayles, 36, was arrested by police Monday and charged with attempted murder, assault, attempted robbery, criminal possession of weapons and reckless danger, police said.

Hayles is accused of approaching the 31-year-old tourist around 3.30am on West 103rd Street and West End Avenue on Sunday and asking him to hand over his cellphone.

The tourist, who had left a party and was returning to a hostel in the city, backed away and kept walking, police said.

Hayles allegedly shot the tourists in the back and fled, police said.

The victim was taken to Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital where he was scheduled to recover.

Suspected shooter

The suspected shooter was arrested late last month on grand larceny charges after he allegedly stole a sleeping man’s cellphone on the Queens subway on August 10, court documents show.

Hayles was arrested when the sleeping dragon rider woke up, noticed his phone was missing and asked to borrow an MTA driver’s cellphone to try and call his number, according to the criminal complaint.

According to the criminal complaint, when the victim called his phone, he noticed that the stolen device in Hayle’s back pocket rang and turned on.

The victim followed Hayles to get his phone and snapped a picture of the alleged thief to hand over to police.

Hayles also had three other clashes with police over alleged robberies, police said.

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