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Who was Nargis Begum ( Grandmother, 62, died when her broken-down Nissan was hit by car ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Nargis Begum

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Highways England was referred today to the Crown Prosecution Service, where he could face manslaughter charges over the death of a grandmother Nargis Begum on what is known as a ‘smart highway’.

Nargis Begum Age

The state-owned company was referred to the CPS by the coroner of Doncaster, who was leading an inquest into the death of Nargis Begum, 62.

Grandmother of nine died when another car crashed into her stationary Nissan Qashqai at 150 km / h, a witness said after it broke down on a section of the M1 without a hard shoulder in South Yorkshire.

Doncaster Coroner Nicola Mundy

Doncaster Coroner Nicola Mundy asked the CPS to consider the timeliness of the manslaughter charge after it took 22 minutes for the warning lights to close the lane.

During a pre-inquest in Doncaster in December, the coroner overheard Ms Mundy say that 16 minutes and 21 seconds had passed between the Nissan collapse and the collision.

In today’s Doncaster Coroner’s Court, Senior Coroner Ms Mundy said the length of time the stationary vehicle had gone undetected was one of the reasons for her decision.

After referring the matter to the CPS, she rendered her decision and adjourned the investigation. “On the issue of corporate manslaughter, I repeat that I must be convinced that there is sufficient evidence to justify a recommendation.

“It would be really crazy for me to go ahead and not deal with criminal matters.

As I said, I looked at all the evidence I had. This includes the length of time the Nissan was stationary on the live track without warning signs or lane closures. It was over 16 minutes.

“All of these questions are at the heart of effective management.

“I think there is more than enough evidence to maintain adequate control over crime. I find that there is such evidence related to CPS. I invite you to look into this question to determine whether the charges are reasonable or not in this case. ”

Ms Begum from Sheffield was a passenger in a Nissan Qashqai car driven by her husband Mohammed Bashir, 67, which broke down near Woodhall Services in September 2018.

Ms Begum was getting out of the car and waiting for help when another vehicle collided with the Nissan and crashed into it.

The CPS confirmed that the driver involved in the collision should not be prosecuted after a previous referral by the coroner.

The stranded Nissan had its hazard lights on when the other vehicle collided with it, but the lane without a hard shoulder had not been closed to traffic.

Warning signs were activated for a further six minutes and 15 seconds after the collision.

Ms Mundy said there was a total of 22 minutes and 36 seconds between the failure and the posted warnings.

The coroner said earlier, “Basically I want to know why. As simple as that. ‘

Ms Mundy highlighted other factors in her referral of the case to the CPS and today described how “no one is responsible for monitoring the cameras” relaying the images from the smart highways.

She added that there was “a marked lack of knowledge and training of drivers” in the region on the “duty” to report incidents.

After today’s hearing, Ms Begum’s daughter, Saima Aktar, said: “Over time, the sense of sadness and loss we feel about Mum’s death does not go away.

“The past two years, trying to cope with what has happened has been incredibly difficult, especially for my father – that he has avoided hurting himself, but his loving and caring 45-year-old wife who has passed away before. him, has wreaked havoc.

“We are delighted that the coroner took our concerns seriously and reported our mother’s death to CPS.

“We are determined to do all we can to promote change and take action to use smart highways.”

Christopher Kardajhi, Irwin Mitchell’s motor vehicle accident attorney who represents Nargis’ family, said after the hearing: “Nargis was the heart of the family and naturally their loved ones remain devastated by their loss.

“ The pain of losing Nargis has become even more intense given the circumstances in which she died.

“Your family has a number of concerns regarding the use of smart highways and the events surrounding their deaths.