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Nasir Patrice

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A 16-year-old used a “one meter long” sword to kill another teenager in an apartment used by drug traffickers, according to a court.

The young Londoner denies killing 17-year-old Nasir Patrice in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

The defendant “looked around and smiled” after the murder, Michael Burrows told QC.

He told Warwick Crown Court that the boy should have argued that he was acting in self-defense.

The teenager, who cannot be identified because of his age, also denies the attempted murder and distorts the course of justice.

In opening the case, Mr. Burrows said the court would hear evidence that the defendant and Birmingham-based Nasir were “competing traffickers.”

He said Nasir suffered four stab wounds on January 15, 2020, adding: “Of course, there is a background to this, that the background is drugs.”

Mr. Burrows gave an overview of what happened and said Nasir was stabbed to death after he and two friends entered the Tachbrook Road apartment.

Mr. Burrows said of the young man accused of murder that he lived in the apartment: “He was armed with a large knife, a sword with which he killed Nasir Patrice.

Prosecutors said ?

“Prosecutors say he killed him and intended to kill him. I understand he was acting in self-defense.”

The court heard that another man from the apartment had gone to get the rolling papers when three men “broke in” inside.

He heard screams and screams. He heard someone yell, “Put it down, put it down.”

“It can be concluded that he was one of the three men who passed him to enter the apartment.”

Mr. Burrows said that in about a minute the men came out of the apartment and “screamed for help.”

The witness “has never seen weapons,” he added.

Nasir was pronounced dead at the scene at 11:23 GMT.

Mr. Burrows said one of the stab wounds to his chest went through his body.

“The pathologist believes that he would have required what he calls the highest level of force,” he said.

The prosecutor said the defendant, now 17, allegedly took a taxi to a boarding house and pulled out a “bad blade” and said he “dropped” two people.

The process continues.