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Who is Nataliia Nairn ( Perth dentist jailed after treating patients instead of quarantining ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Arrest, Investigations and More Facts

Nataliia Nairn

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A dentist Nataliia Nairn who returned to Perth and treated patients instead of self-isolating has been incarcerated for two months.

“Incredibly Naive”

She claimed she was a professional who had taken the necessary safety precautions, but a judge from Joondalup Court called her actions “incredibly naive”.

Nataliia Nairn Age

Nataliia Nairn, 31, flew from the east coast to WA on June 16 and was supposed to self-isolate for 14 days.

However, it broke the rules several times between June 17 and 18 and then again between June 21 and 29. She treated a total of 41 patients for eight days in her Joondalup dental clinic.

Although subsequent COVID tests gave negative results, the intimate and personal nature of her job meant that she may have put others at risk.

Nairn told police that she would be fine because she was a doctor and wore PPE when traveling.

But on Monday Magistrate Matthew Walton called his apology “untenable” and naive.

She was detained for seven months and suspended after two months in detention.

However, his sentence could go well beyond a few months in prison.

Now that she has been sentenced, her career as a dentist is in jeopardy.

It is up to the Australian medical regulator to decide whether or not she can return to work after serving her sentence.