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WHO IS NEAL FARINAH? NEAL FARINAH GIVES GORILLA GLUE GIRL A WIG, Wiki, Bio, Incident details, TikTok, Instagram and More Details

Neal Farinah

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Beyoncé’s hairdresser Neal Farinah donated a free wig to the girl Gorilla Glue after the accident. So who is Neal?

Gorilla Glue became famous after TikTok user Tessica Brown revealed she used the spray on her hair.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned for Tessica as the glue made her hair strong. Gorilla Glue Spray is an adhesive intended to be used on materials such as wood, metal or glass.

Now Beyoncé’s hairdresser, Neal Farinah, has offered a free wig after the TikTok user’s accident.


Neal Farinah is a hairdresser and salon owner. Neal Farinah, who immigrated to the United States from his native Trinidad, reveals Neal’s website.

Neal has been a stylist since he was 17. He worked for a few hair salons before opening his own business and becoming a prominent hairdresser.

He stylized characters such as Kelly Rowland, Keri Hilson, Danity Kane, Solange, Michelle Williams, Mary J. Blige and others.

Neal is also behind some of Beyoncé’s most famous hair transformations over the years, although he has chosen to stay out of the spotlight unlike other popular hairdressers.

In an interview with Elle, Neal stated:

“I’m not desperate in this industry to get popular, I was a background hairdresser. I have never blogged before. I never talked about who I am. I didn’t care about people who knew me or any of these things – all I wanted to do was create. “”


Neal gave “Gorilla Glue Girl” Tessica Brown a free wig after she had an unfortunate accident with her hair.

Speaking to Instagram, Neal wrote: “We all have our own options. Yes, she made a big mistake. But we will keep tearing it down. Let’s help her: Tessica Brown. “”

“When she leaves the hospital, when she needs a wig or has to take care of her scalp, I’ll be there for her.


Following Neal’s Instagram post, XOXO Virgin Hair also stepped in to help her and commented, “I’d love to give her a wig.”

Many people have praised Neal’s efforts to help Normani respond with three heart emojis.

“It’s a blessing,” added famous fashion stylist EJ King.

“Nice touch of you,” replied another user.