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Who was Nichol Leila Olsen ( Triple deaths of mom and two young daughters found shot to death ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Death Cause, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Nichol Leila Olsen

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It’s been two years since a Texan mother Nichol Leila Olsen and two daughters London Sophia Bribiescas and Alexa Denice Montez were found dead at their boyfriend’s house, but a Bexar County sheriff said there were too many unanswered questions to officially shut them down.

Nichol Leila Olsen Age

Nichol Leila Olsen, 37, and his two daughters London Sophia Bribiescas, 10 and Alexa Denice Montez, 16, were found dead in a large and lavish mansion in the Anaqua Springs community ranch near Boerne, around 41 km northwest of San Antonio, in January 2019.

Olsen’s friend Charles Wheeler called 911 after saying he found her dead in the house, but four calls were reportedly made to 911 prior to Wheeler’s call that came from Olsen’s phone.

The autopsy report found that Olsen had killed his children before shooting himself, but Sheriff Javier Salazar of the Bexar County’s Sheriff’s Office said he was “unwilling to call Nichol Olson a murderer.” , a double murderer of his own children ”. Salazar has now refused to sign definitive forms for the case pending further investigation.

Fox 29 San Antonio reports that multiple sources close to the investigation said Nicole Olsen made five calls, according to her cell phone bands, on the night of the incident. The first call was reportedly made to Wheeler’s mother, who allegedly did not answer the phone, followed by four calls to 911.

Salazar said three of the calls were disconnected before a 911 dispatcher answered. One of the calls was to a 911 dispatcher, but Salazar declined to provide details of what could have been said.

What we found was that even though we knew there was a disconnected call from that phone number. We don’t know where this number is calling from. So all we know is that we have a direct call from a cell phone number. Normal protocols call this number back, but if we don’t know exactly where and where this phone is, we don’t know where to send, ”Salazar said.
“The way the system works is that it just hasn’t been activated long enough to associate GPS positioning with this call.”

Carlos Montez Jr. Wheeler

Authorities have not named a suspect in the case, but Alexa’s father filed a lawsuit against Charles Wheeler this week. According to the lawsuit, plaintiff sued Carlos Montez Jr. Wheeler for gross negligence and wrongful death.

Wheeler told police she slept with a friend the night he died and said he had an argument with Olsen and left to calm down. When Wheeler returned home the next morning, he said he found Olsen and his daughters dead and called 911 quickly.

The lawsuit accuses Wheeler of leaving his gun in a location where Olsen had access to it, reports San Antonio Express-News. Given her alleged state of mind, Wheeler is charged with negligence.

Another lawsuit was filed on January 8th by Hector Bribiescas, the father of London. The lawsuit accuses Wheeler of ignoring Olsen’s growing behavior the night they argued and failed to protect the children.

“On the night of the incident in question, (Wheeler) knew that Nichol Olsen was not doing the right thing and was in the wrong mood,” the trial said. “Wheeler knew that Olsen’s behavior was escalating, erratic, very emotional, and potentially threatening and / or could lead to actual violence.”

The autopsy and toxicology reports of Olsen and his children were not made public due to the ongoing investigation.