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Who is Nick Welch ( Major General fraudulently claimed £48,000 to pay his children’s private school fees ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Family, Arrest, Investigation and More Facts

Nick Welch

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A major general Nick Welch is now the senior officer jailed before a court-martial for over 200 years for cheating taxpayers out of nearly £ 50,000 in private school fees.

Maj. Gen. Nick Welch was jailed in Bulford Military Court for 21 months

Maj. Gen. Nick Welch was jailed in Bulford Military Court for 21 months after being convicted of fraud for mistakenly claiming more than £ 48,000 for paying his children’s boarding school fees.

Nick Welch Age

The 57-year-old had claimed he and his wife Charlotte, 54, lived in Putney, southwest London, while serving as deputy chief of staff in Whitehall.

Welch, who earned a “high” salary of £ 120,000 a year, used the military’s Continuity of Education Allowance to send his two children to private schools in Dorset.

Ms. Welch, a freelance consultant, spent most of her time in the family’s £ 800,000 country house in the Blandford Forum in Dorset, the Wiltshire Military Tribunal heard.

Welch was caught after an anonymous tip-off from neighbors claimed he and his wife had never been to their London address.

But the complaint was dismissed at the time by Ms. Welch, who said in a text message to her friend, “Maybe you’re discouraged by Nick’s rank, all of her husbands two or three ranks below.”

In addition to serving a civil prison sentence, Welch was subsequently released from the army, meaning he cannot benefit from the rank of retired major general.

He was also directed to repay the fraudulently claimed money.

Welch retired as a two-star general in 2019 after serving in Afghanistan, Germany, Northern Ireland and Belize.

He had received a number of medals, including for his service in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, and for his long service of good behavior.

The judge’s attorney general, Alan Large, said the senior officers group sentenced Welch, who has been the senior officer since 1815, to court martial “on the basis that the accused had consistently behaved dishonestly.”

Judge Large told Welch today: “The Chamber was certain that you were not serving according to the regulations at the beginning of the indictment and that you acted dishonestly when you failed to inform your chain of command.”

He added, “A disciplined organization like the army relies on those of rank and authority to set an example and be unprovoked.

“The higher your rank, the more important it is that you uphold the values ​​and standards of the army in which you serve. When a major general officer like you offends the potential to undermine discipline and undermine morale is considerable.

“We have no doubt that you understand that your rank as major general and your role as deputy chief of staff are factors that make the crime worse and require recognition in the judgment.”

The court heard that Welch had enlisted in the army in 1984 and served more than 33 years when he retired from his position as deputy chief of staff at the Department of Defense headquarters in London in 2018.

Judge Large said, “In stark contrast to the events leading up to your conviction in this trial, you had an extremely successful military career, served your country with distinction in operations, and been a good ambassador for your service and your nation.”

The verdict states that Welch, who previously received the OBE, is the oldest officer convicted by a court-martial since Lieutenant General John Murray in 1815.

Lieutenant General Murray was brought before a military tribunal in Winchester on charges of abandoning 18 siege artillery pieces during the siege of Tarragona in 1813.

He was found guilty of a single charge of “unnecessarily giving up a substantial amount of artillery and supplies” and was cautioned by the court.

It took the court-martial five hours to find Welch guilty of a single fraud yesterday. He stood stone-faced and showed no emotion when the verdict was pronounced.

The four-week trial heard Welch lied about how much time he and his wife had spent in their Dorset home, just a 15-minute drive from his children’s schools.

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