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Who is Nickolaus Garrison ( Man escaped from courthouse ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Escaped, Investigations and More Facts

Nickolaus Garrison

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Highland County MPs met the man who escaped the court during the trial. The video of his escape went viral.

Nickolaus Garrison, 34, was sentenced Tuesday to six months in prison for possessing methamphetamines. The Highland County Courthouse video shows Garrison being arrested and then leaves the room.

Sheriff Donnie Barrera Statement

Sheriff Donnie Barrera said Deputy Ben Reno Garrison was chasing the courthouse corridor. The video shows him as he dives spectacularly on a railing. He suffered from broken ribs and a mild concussion.

Barrera said officers received several clues indicating Garrison was in Clinton County.

They received a search warrant and officers arrested Garrison at a Clinton County motel.

He was taken to the Highland County Jail. Barrera said Garrison should now face new charges stemming from his escape.