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Who is Nijinsky Dix ( Woman 37, Accused to murder her ex-boyfriend ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Details, Investigations and More Facts

Nijinsky Dix

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Nijinsky Dix, 37, was charged with second degree murder following the death of her ex-boyfriend

A 37-year-old woman ”Nijinsky Dix” was arrested Saturday in Washington DC in connection with the death of her ex-boyfriend, police confirmed in a press release.

Just before 5:30 pm, law enforcement responded to requests for shooting at an apartment complex in Washington, DC.

“Upon arrival, the members found an adult man in an apartment suffering from gunshot wounds,” police said. “The victim showed no signs of life.”

Police confirmed that Terry Hickman, 44, died on the spot.

Hours later, police arrested Nijinsky Dix and charged him with second degree murder while armed, police confirmed in their press release. “This crime is domestic in nature.”

According to Chicago NBC5 court documents, one person allegedly told investigators that Dix was having a three-month relationship with Hickman that ended in May.

Police said the person said Dix harassed Hickman.

Court records showed that Dix was in the apartment, presumably kneeling at Hickman’s feet, when the detectives arrived at the scene.

Investigators discovered a cell phone and found that Dix was talking to his mother, who was still online, according to court documents.

“The person said the defendant called them and said: ‘He pushed me and I shot him'”, the minutes read.

The station also reported that Dix was a graduate student at the University of Illinois but worked at the University of Notre Dame, where she ran the Talent Search Upward Bound program that helps people with disadvantaged backgrounds.

It was not clear whether Dix had received a lawyer or had appeared before a judge to plead guilty.