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Nikim Meekins

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A man charged with attempted murder was accidentally released from Rikers Island just over a week after a typo freed a murder suspect, authorities have said.

Nikim Meekins, 22, was arrested on March 10 for two crimes linked to a shooting last summer and held on $ 30,000 bail, according to court records.

Meekins appeared in Bronx court on Monday on charges, which reduced the bail to $ 1 and an attempted murder charge was pending, a court spokesperson said.

However, the clerk falsely stated that Meekins would be released as part of the attempted murder instead of being held on $ 300,000 bail, the court spokesman said.

“The clerk correctly seized the documents, for example a $ 1 bond in a gun holster, but incorrectly entered the MMR in the attempted murder,” the spokesperson said.

The judge issued an arrest warrant for Meekins after being made aware of the error.

A spokesperson for the city’s Corrections Department, Peter Thorne, said in a statement: “Based on the evidence submitted by the courts, the release from prison was fair and in accordance with our policies.”

Last week it emerged that a typo led to the release of Christopher Buggs, 26, who was awaiting a murder in Brooklyn in 2018.