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Who is Noah Donohoe (Boy Missing Mum’s emotional plea for help)? Wiki, Bio, Age, Incident details, Missing, Family, Call for Help, Reaction, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and More Facts

Noah Donohoe

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The mother of the missing teenager Noah Donohoe  made an emotional appeal to people to allow the police to search their homes with the desperate search for him.

Noah Donohoe Age

He is 14 years old.

Noah Donohoe last seen on Sunday Night

Noah has not been seen since Sunday night, after leaving his home in southern Belfast by bicycle.

Police supported by an air support unit

Police supported by an air support unit, police dogs and the tactical support group searched the area alongside colleagues from community rescue services and local volunteers.

Hundreds of people participated in the survey

Hundreds of people participated in the survey on Wednesday morning at Sea View Park. Councilors Dean McCullough and Jim Crothers asked the community to knock on doors and search the area. Belfast’s northern MP, John Finucane, is also participating in the survey.

Police superintendent Muir Clark said the “best side” of the community was displayed in the searches when people spent their time helping them.

Fiona Donohoe Noah’s Mother requet on Facebook

Noah’s mother, Fiona Donohoe, posted on Facebook: “I am very impressed with the support of the people who come together to help find my son.

“It is for me and my family the strength to fight to find him.

“I just hope that at this point people will start to suggest that their houses be searched to remove the shelters.

“The police cannot ask to search, but in this situation, if people in the surrounding area can find it in their hearts to say, please look for my home to remove the question areas.

“My heart is broken, I ask people to do this, I know I ask a huge question, but if you met my Noah, he was the most loving love that didn’t deserve to be sick or unfounded.

“Please listen to my request, I speak for Noah, my baby. Please think that if it were your son, I would let them search my house from top to bottom.”

Noah’s family said they were extremely concerned about Noah because he was completely out of character.

Incident Details

On Sunday, around 5:30 pm, Noah left the house on his black Apollo mountain bike, wearing a black skateboard helmet, a khaki green North Face jacket, gray pants with an emblem on one leg, a blue hoodie, Nike sneakers with a bright yellow tick and a khaki backpack.

He was spotted on Avenida Ormeau at 5:45 pm on Sunday night.

He was seen again on Royal Avenue towards York Street shortly after.

Noah was spotted on North Queen Street towards Limestone Road at 5:57 pm.

An eyewitness thinks he saw a young man with the description of Noah falling off his bicycle Sunday night, possibly bruising his head, on North Queen Street / York Street, but the police are not aware of the time.

Police believe the teenager returned to his bicycle, heading for Northwood Road, where he left all his clothes, as he was seen on a naked bicycle shortly after. The police believe that Noah left the bike and left the area on foot.

Nobody has seen Noah since 6:20 pm on Sunday.

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