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Who was Nyiah Courtney ( Girls, 6, killed in Washington DC shooting ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Nyiah Courtney

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DC Police Chief Robert Contee was furious on Saturday night when he spoke about the latest victim of gun violence in town: a fiery 6-year-old boy named Nyiah Courtney who rode his scooter just before a road trip. their lives have been erased by Sagittarius.

“I ask everyone to come together and say, ‘Enough!’ ”Said Contee. “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.”

Shortly after 11 p.m. on Friday, Nyiah was on the street with her parents and sister when the shooting erupted. Six people were killed; Police put Nyiah on patrol and rushed to the hospital, but could not rescue them.

“Nyiah started grade one this fall and now it won’t happen and to be honest it’s unacceptable to me and should apply to everyone in this town,” the headmaster said at a press conference.

“The cowards who committed this crime came to this community regardless of human life, regardless of Nyiah’s life,” he added.

“It is time we said enough.

Police, who were on site 34 seconds after the first shot, released video of the silver sedan involved in the shooting in southeast Washington, with authorities offering bounties totaling $ 60,000. .

Although gun violence has increased in many cities this year, statistics from the Washington Metropolitan Police Department show that the number of killings and assaults involving a lethal weapon in 2021 is the same as last year.

However, homicides in the district have doubled over the past decade.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has asked community members to provide police with information about the shooting.

“We do not allow the people of our city to commit murders and we do not deliver justice on the streets,” he said.

When asked if closing recreation centers could contribute to the violence, Bowser took a defensive stance. “I’m not convinced that this person who walked through this random intersection was in a recreation center, he’s a killer.”

DC City Councilor Trayon White said more services were needed in the area, but urged the community to take responsibility for the safety of their children.

“No one comes to save us except us,” he said.

Balloons strapped to a lamppost served as Nyiah’s shrine, as local residents and her family remembered an energetic girl who was eager to open a new school.

“It made everyone smile,” Andrea Courtney, Nyiah’s grandmother, told the Washington Post.