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Who is Obina Ezeoke ( Double Murderer Awarded £600,000 in Legal Aid ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Award, Murderer, Details, Information and More Facts

Obina Ezeoke

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A double killer has received more than £ 600,000 in mutual legal assistance in five legal cases.

Drug trafficker Obina Ezeoke (28) shot Bervil Kalikaka-Efoko (21) and his aunt Annie Efoko (53) at his home in 2016.

His first trial failed when a judge resigned.

Two juries did not render a verdict and a fourth trial was interrupted due to Covid.

He was found guilty last month and sentenced to at least 40 years, which resulted in legal aid of £ 603,587.

The Old Bailey discovered that he was chasing someone else when he was killing innocent victims in East Finchley, North London.

A spokesman for the Legal Aid Agency said: “Without representation, criminals could claim that their trials are unfair and that their sentences could be overturned.”

“Anyone who appears before a Crown Court is entitled to legal aid, subject to a careful review of funds.

“Depending on their budget, applicants for legal assistance may have to contribute to the full cost of the defense.

“Defendants who do not receive a penny for legal assistance are evaluated on their resources and sent directly to the attorneys and attorneys who represent them to ensure a fair trial.”