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Who is Oleg Sokolov ( Russian Historian Convicted With Murdered of His Student Lover ) Wiki, Bio, Age, Crime, Incident details, Investigations and More Facts

Oleg Sokolov

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A TWISTED historian obsessed with Napoleon who killed his student lover and massacred her body has been in a cage for over 12 years.

Oleg Sokolov, 64, was found drunk in a river in Russia with a bag with the arms severed from Anastasia Yeshchenko, 24.

On Christmas Day, a St. Petersburg court convicted the respected history professor.

After being found guilty of the murder and dismemberment of the graduate student, he was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison.

The prosecution had requested a sentence of 15 years in prison.

Crime Details

Anastasia Yeshchenko was murdered in her apartment in November 2019.

Sokolov was arrested after being pulled from the Moika River with a backpack with two arms cut off in front of his St. Petersburg apartment.

The members were identified as Yeshchenko’s.

Body Of Parts

Later, investigators found other parts of her body in the river, as well as in Sokolov’s apartment in the historic district of St. Petersburg.

During the trial, Sokolov testified that he and Yeshchenko were having a romantic relationship and admitted that he knocked them down during a fight.

The process that prompted activists to express growing anger over domestic violence in Russia began in June after delays due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Judge Julia Maximenko said?

That she “was aware of his actions at the time of the crime”, adding that the intent to kill was born “suddenly”.

Last year, The Sun reported on how the couple is expected to get married this year.

But he killed her and reportedly destroyed her own life “in seconds” of madness.

It turned out that the professor was killing Yeshchenko at a party in her luxury apartment of hers.

Oleg Sokolov Admitted

Sokolov admitted that he shot his victim four times with a sawed-off shotgun, the BBC reports.

He then ripped open her body with a saw and a kitchen knife.

Later, the police found a stun gun in his backpack.

After shooting him, he locked Yeschchenko’s body in the guest room and kept talking.

Her head, which had been horribly decapitated with a saw, was found next to the instrument covered in blood in Sokolov’s apartment.

The student’s legs were found nine weeks after her disappearance.

Discovery Video

The discovery came after the video shows the professor throwing body parts into the flowing river near the Yusupov Palace.

Sokolov had publicly urged the Russian courts to use the full force of the law against him in his murder trial.

Last year he wrote in the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper: “I know that I have done something terrible and that I deserve the hardest punishment possible.”

Sokolov added: “I don’t care what people say about me. Does not matter.

“I killed her and me too. I do not exist

“My precious memory of Anastasia is the most important thing to me now.

“We should get married and plan the wedding.

“In more than five years (of dating) I had not raised my hand. Scandals between us were also rare.

He was known for his books on the Napoleonic era and his avid participation in re-enactments of historical battles.

The gruesome affair has attracted the attention of the media in Russia and around the world.

Sokolov is fluent in French and has been a prominent member of the military re-enactment movements since the early 1990s.

He represented Napoleon in many representations of historical battles and other events.

Sokolov’s flamboyant style and lively performance made him popular with students.

In television interviews he spoke of his passion for the Napoleonic era.

Because Napoleon was his idol, other history buffs called him “father,” the title of emperor.

Yeschenko’s parents participated in the sentencing on Friday.

Her lawyer Alexandra Baksheyeva told reporters that “nothing can bring her daughter back,” but the family has no plans to appeal the verdict for a harsher sentence.

The gruesome murder shocked Russia after many of his students claimed that Sokolov had behaved inappropriately in the past and asked the university administration to investigate.

According to activists, almost 16.5 million women in Russia are victims of domestic violence every year.

However, efforts to call for a special law against violence and to protect victims have failed.