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Olga Freeman

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The famous photographer’s ex-wife admitted to killing her developmentally impaired 10-year-old son while fighting the coronavirus pandemic, after calling himself the ‘messiah’ than ‘my beloved son’ according to a report that he will be euthanized. ” .

Olga Freeman, 40, suffered a nervous breakdown before stuffing a sponge into Dylan’s mouth and covering it with a blanket between her toys at her apartment in Acton, west London, in August 2020, the Times de London.

During an appearance in a virtual courtroom Monday from a psychiatric hospital, Freeman denied the murder but admitted that she was killed due to reduced liability, the news agency reported.

Dylan’s father, fashion and celebrity photographer Dean Freeman, 57, was in Spain at the time of his son’s death.

The boy, who suffered from autism, myopia and severe communication problems, needed 24/7 care and attended a special school five days a week.

The court heard that local authorities had not provided Dylan with additional assistance during the pandemic, according to the Times.

The week before his death, Freeman talked about saving the world and being a messiah, insisting that he had to go to Jerusalem.

“This is my job: to sacrifice my beloved son to create balance in this world,” she said in a recording.

Hours before Dylan’s death, the Russian citizen had argued with his ex about his role in caring for his son, the court heard.

Freeman’s friend, Edita Surpickaja, had previously told the court that her mother struggled to meet Dylan’s needs and that his mental health had deteriorated.

Surpickaja helped Freeman about 12 hours a week, but the lawyer did not show up despite repeated requests, she heard in court.

The day before Dylan was found, Freeman sent a message saying, “I’m done. Where are they?”

When Surpickaja got home, she found out that Freeman had reserved two seats on a London-Tel Aviv flight and told her friend not to go to her room.

“We have to go to Jerusalem. I did what I did. Sometimes when things are going well, she can be downright mad, ”Freeman told Surpickaja, who according to the Times was hiding her mother’s passport.

Conversation Recorded

Surpickaja recorded a conversation on a phone in which Freeman said that he had no choice but to kill Dylan.

After an argument, the women went to Acton Police Station, where
Freeman announced loud and clear: “I killed my son.”

Freeman told police that he tried to “gently kill” him by overdosing him on insomnia hormone, but when that didn’t work, he used his bra and then his hands to lick and strangle him before putting the sponge in his mouth. .

Attorney Gareth Patterson said the judicial homicide was acceptable.

“The defendant has a reduced partial liability defense available to him because a major depressive episode with psychotic symptoms occurred at this stage,” he said.

“This is acceptable to the prosecution after careful consideration and further investigation by the officers conducting this investigation,” added Patterson.

The judge updated the ruling on February 11 after hearing a recommendation from the defense that the appropriate measure would be a restricted hospital order.

Freeman’s divorced father has already paid tribute to his late son.

“Dylan was a beautiful, bright, curious, and artistic kid who loved to travel, visit art galleries and swim,” said Dean Freeman.

“We have traveled a lot together over the years and have had unforgettable moments in places like Brazil, France and Spain. I can’t understand the loss of him, ”he added.

The grieving father has photographed famous people such as the Spice Girls, actor Bradley Cooper and model Emily Ratajkowski.

Dean’s father, Robert Freeman, was also a photographer for famous musicians, including jazz star John Coltrane and the Beatles, for whom he made famous album covers in the 1960s.

After Kristen Katsouris of the Crown Prosecution pleaded guilty, she said: “It was the tragic death of a child at the hands of his mother who was struggling to get by.

“Olga Freeman had loved and cared for Dylan for many years, but the burden and pressure of her son’s serious and complex special needs increased, along with his altered mental health.